How to Match Vintage Outfits

December 9th, 2011

how to match vintage clothing



Hi Sammy!

I love your YouTube videos soooo much! But I can’t seem to pull off wearing vintage like you can! I want to, but everytime I try I end up looking like I’m wearing a costume.

How can I match vintage outfits? What are some of your tips?

Any advice you can give is appreciated!!

Thank you!



Hey Sarah!

Thank you so much for this question! I think that a lot of ladies are thinking your exact thoughts when it comes to wearing vintage! You are definitely not alone and shouldn’t feel frustrated that you’re uncertain how best to match vintage outfits.

Finding your own unique style with vintage clothing doesn’t have to be a chore. It should be nothing short of FUN! The reason I gravitated to wearing vintage at such a young age (I was about 15 when I first shopped vintage!) was because it gave me the opportunity to wear what truly spoke to my heart in the moment.

Rather than look at the pages of a magazine or what was on the mannequin at the store for my fashion inspiration, I was happily forced to simply wear what I wanted to without regard to trends!

But that’s not to say that trends don’t matter — because they definitely should be taken into account when matching vintage outfits. Unless you are aiming for a “vintage look,” the trick to matching vintage outfits is finding the pieces that are able to be integrated into your pre-existing modern wardrobe.

When it comes to matching vintage outfits so that you feel AND look good, there are a few tried and true tips that I’ve picked up over my years of trial & error and lots and lots of experimentation! Choose which tips make best sense to you, and let your creative imagination play, discover and enjoy!

Keep reading to learn how I match vintage outfits with accessories, high-waisted pants, pleated skirts and blazers. I’ll also dish on matching vintage outfits by pattern (my example: polka dots!). Plus, why simply wearing a vintage dress is the easiest way to rock vintage fashion!

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