Which NYC Goodwill Stores Have the Best Deals & Best Vintage Clothing?

December 7th, 2011

goodwill store


Hi Sammy!

What is your favorite Goodwill in Manhattan (in the uptown area)? Also in your opinion which Goodwill has the best deals? Also, What Goodwill has the best vintage clothing??

I’m new to thrift store shopping and I wanted your opinion.

Thank you!


Dear Erin,

Hello new thrifter, and welcome to the art of hunting for the best pieces at unbelievable prices!! I love hearing when a lady or gentleman has “converted” to the amazing experience that is thrifting, whether it’s for their wardrobe or just to find a particular piece when the mood strikes. Whether you thrift a fraction or 100 percent of the time, I believe that every lady and gentleman on this planet can turn to secondhand to secure their style that supports sustainability and creative self-expression!

Erin, I appreciate this question so much because I live in New York City so finding the best options for thrift stores with a high chance of finding affordable vintage is a huge priority for me. I’m constantly scheduling trips to new thrift stores and checking out the scene of old ones. While sometimes the landscape of best thrift options can change, there are a few tried and true stores that I always recommend to thrift newbies and experts alike.

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