Where to Find Vintage Clothing to Dress Like Marilyn Monroe

December 28th, 2011
marilyn monroe somethings got to give pictures

marilyn monroe pictures

Marilyn Monroe melted the hearts of both American men (her sexpot looks) AND women (her stylish wardrobe) during her movie career beginning in the early ’50s and spanning more than a decade before her death in 1962.

While Googling images of this Hollywood starlet is easy, knowing where to buy clothing that resembles Miss Monroe’s great outfits from her classic films isn’t.

Using screenshots from some of my favorite Marilyn movies, I found examples of vintage clothing available to buy online that resembles some of MM’s greatest looks. These are wearable pieces for today that’ll inspire you to channel your inner bombshell beauty with fitted sweaters, showgirl sequins, princess fur, Chelsea collars and more.

While the Marilyn look is vintage-inspired a la the ’50s and ’60s, her style sass was truly ahead of its time. She dressed for the curvacious body she had and won the hearts of many thanks to her radiant self-confidence. If Marilyn were alive today, I know she’d endorse the best style secret of all: No matter the trends, loving yourself is your best bet to both inner and outer beauty.

Keep reading after the jump for information on where to buy vintage clothing on Ebay and Etsy that resembles Marilyn Monroe clothing and 1950s dresses worn in her movies Monkey Business, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Somethings Got to Give.

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