Introducing the Vintage Coalition on Market Publique

July 6th, 2011
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Hello and happy WEDNESDAY, everybody!

Today is a really exciting day for me, because one of my favorite vintage marketplaces, Market Publique — a site born and raised right here in NYC — is introducing the first ever VINTAGE COALITION collection today.

But before I talk more about the Vintage Coalition collection on Market Publique, I want to get REALLY honest with you: Shopping for vintage fashion is NOT easy.

Yes, I admitted it! It’s time consuming because you need to sort through pieces to meticulously determine whether you either a.) like them and b.) fit into them! And then, there’s time spent finding the right brick & mortar or online store for you. It can all be overwhelming in the moment!

And when it comes to searching on vintage marketplace sites, WOAH! The search engine results can be intimidating. Who wants to sort through 55 pages of “red shoes”?

But here’s the thing: Vintage fashion lovers with experience and expertise understand! Just like you, they go through the same feelings of frustration when it comes to shopping for either themselves or their shop.

But because vintage hunting is their work and livelihood, it doesn’t prevent them from investing the elbow grease needed to make the vintage shopping experience easier for the buyer, aka YOU!

vintage coalition logo

So that’s what the Vintage Coalition does: It curates the BEST vintage sellers on the web in one easy-to-find, easy-to-shop and easy-to-purchase-vintage place, Market Publique.

Every Tuesday at 9PM, a new “theme” behind the Vintage Coalition is unveiled, featuring one piece from an awesome, trust worthy & experienced vintage seller inspired by said theme.

VC debuted LAST NIGHT to the very appropriately harmonious tune of “Festival Dresses.” The dresses start at low, low bids — some are less than $15!! — so that you can grab one of these mint-condition pieces of vintage fashion history with a very modern utility for 2011 style.

Keep reading after the jump for my favorite Vintage Coalition festival dresses this week!

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