6 Summer Flea Markets Worth Visiting!

June 15th, 2011

flea market sign

Hello and happy Wednesday, everyone!!!!

It’s such a gorgeous temperate day in New York City today, and if it were the weekend, it’d be the PERFECT weather for shopping at a summer FLEA MARKET!!!

A lot of you are passionate thrifters at brick & mortar stores, but when a shining sun & cool summer breeze come along, you venture to the great outdoors for all of your fun finds and vintage/antique hunting.

Whether you’re a “yard sailor” of yard/garage sales or a weekend market maniac, you’v got your summer shopping agenda scheduled to a  stylish tee for the unique experience of thrift treasure discovery outside.

While I live in the great urban capital that is New York City, there are surprisingly many a flea market to be found within these city streets. When I first moved here, my love of vintage not only blossomed because of the plethora of vintage boutiques in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn & beyond … but also because the “alternative fashion” options of other cities were more mainstream here.

It’s not quite a surprise to walk into an Upper East Side apartment to find Ikea furniture mixed with an antique dining room table bought at a flea market alongside expensive William Sonoma kitchen appliances! Talk about shabby chic!

While the Big Apple is home to some pretty big flea markets, there’s still a TON to be visited throughout the great country that is the United States. I would love to trace the history of the “fashionable flea market” and how it involved from our buying/selling/trading/bartering practices of yesterday.

But for now, I’m just going to share with you 3 flea markets I want to visit, and 3 flea markets I totally suggest YOU visit!

I want this post to be the foundation for a much larger section on my site dedicated to your personal flea market suggestions. Consider this similar to my “Thrift Jargon 101″ wiki post.  So please leave a comment with your suggestions — or send me an email, sammy@sammydvintage.com!

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