Gratefulness Giveaway: Win a Vintage ’70s Handbag & ’50s Broach!

June 24th, 2011
vintage fashion giveaway

vintage fashion giveaway




This giveaway was actually supposed to happen LAST Friday, but because of being a very busy (but grateful!) bee, I postponed it until today. And I believe it was a blessing in disguise, because the inspiration I had for today’s question to enter the giveaway came to me on a run just this past week ;-)

The past few weeks have blessed me with so much positive support from all of you. A HUGE shout out to Brande of Victory Vintage for giving me words of encouragement when I needed them most.

And to Ana Marie Cris: Your comments on my blog posts — especially the one where I relay what I learned from a very negative experience of having my car broken into last fall — were SO supportive and fueled the flame that is Sammy Davis Vintage.

Also, I’ve noticed a few new followers to this site, which makes me super excited! Thanks and hello to Em of M & Em Style — so glad you’re stopping by and saying hello! Also, thanks to Sonia, Van of ThriftCore, Cindy from the Vintage Hat Shop, my Philly girl Fajr of Stylish Thought and quite honestly, ANYONE who has ever taken the time to leave a comment! I don’t get them often and when I do I am so stoked because I know that I did something in my post to inspire your words.

And today, I’d like to thank the Gratefulness Friday Giveaway sponsor Simone of Erstwhile Style for all of her support of Sammy Davis Vintage and of course, working as a vintage seller to spread the love of self-expression and fabulous fashion.

I’ve know Simone for about two years — we first met at the Manhattan Vintage Show. She is a gorgeous woman inside & out who inspires not only with her action, but her intent. Thank you so much Simone for sponsoring this giveaway!

So without further ado, keep reading after the jump to find out how you can enter to win the lovely vintage accessories shown  above … and for inspiration on how to feel GRATEFUL today and everyday!

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womens vintage fashion jewelry

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