10 Ways the 1960s Invented Today’s Fashion Trends

October 12th, 2013

1960s fashion trends

1960s fashion was unlike any other decade because the clothing was as revolutionary and fast-moving as the era’s sweeping social, political and cultural changes.

It’s thanks to 1960s fashion that women are wearing everything from skirts above the knee to knee-high boots; empire waists to “no waists” and leopard print to printed stockings. And as unbelievable as it sounds, without the boundary-pushing fashion inventions of the ’60s, today’s woman would be unable to purchase a pair of formal pants.

Just like the changes of the ’60s themselves, the clothing trends were similarly groundbreaking and for the most part, completely new and novel ideas to the landscape of fashion.

While ’60s designers still defined trends for the season, for the first time ever counterculture groups like London’s “mod” scene and America’s “hippie” sect influenced the styles and clothing types produced by mainstream fashion brands and marketed to the decade’s youth.

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But what’s most important is that the style inventions of the ’60s paved the way for today’s trends. In other words, 1960s fashion influences can be seen in contemporary fashion, especially as seen on 2010’s ’60s fashion-inspired runway designs for spring. That’s why any modern woman can wear vintage clothing: Because it’s thanks to the trends of the past that we have the fashion of today.

Keep reading after the jump for the history of 10 trends that literally rocked the fashion world and defined ’60s clothing as some of the most revolutionary ever to hit the stores.

1960s Style Dresses from Shabby Apple

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70s Clothing Trends You Can Wear Today

October 11th, 2013

One of my favorite fashion decades is the ‘70s because for the first time in fashion history, the American female was purchasing clothing for various activities and occasions in her life, including home, office, formal and casual wear. The opportunities to buy “different” kinds of clothing had expanded — which ultimately led to the expansion of the American female’s closet, too.

The 1970s was a free-spirited time not only of fashion revolution but political, cultural, social and economic change for the American female, too. These changes — while considered normal by today’s standards — had major influential shifts on the styles and the lives of the modern ‘70s woman. After the ‘70s, fashion for woman has continued to be liberal, creative and free.

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’80s Clothing Trends You Love to Remember (or Wear!)

October 10th, 2013

I’ve encountered many vintage lovers who dislike ‘80s clothing trends, shuddering at the thought of stonewash denim, batwing sleeves and shoulder pads. While the clothing styles of 1980s are a far cry from the feminine fashions of the 1950s, I believe that the ’80s is worth honoring because its trends were so avant garde in style, design and wear by the modern woman of her day.

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10 Memorable ’90s Fashion Trends Shopped from a Thrift Store

October 9th, 2013

1990s fashion has a style all its own that will soon have its place in the canon of fashion history. Since I was a ‘90s child and can remember the trends firsthand, I decided to thrift my favorite ’90s styles for a trip down memory lane at my hometown Salvation Army store. Keep reading after the jump to see the ‘90s fashion trends I thrifted!

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