Wearing ’20s Style in a Dropwaist Dress

June 25th, 2013
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1920s style dress by great lake outfitters

Photography by Diane Dulgerian 

1920s style is hot for summer 2013.

Period films like The Great Gatsby caused a resurgence in the ’20s flapper look, but the shimmering sequins on slinky, high-cut dresses aren’t practical for everyday wear in the modern world. And while Daisy Buchanan is quite the fashion catch, her meticulously matched looks are better for the pages of Vogue than for walking the streets of a town near you.

What the 1920s style trend failed to inspire is how to wear ’20s style in a casual way. There’s no need to dress for the club in strands of pearls and dresses of fringe to channel the roaring 1920s. Don’t worry about learning the Charleston, putting on a flapper lip or kicking up your legs with a whiskey sour in your hand.

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Dressing in ’20s clothing can be conservatively chic and ready-to-wear for the most sophisticated of business meetings or mundane as dropping by the grocery store for a gallon of soy milk.

Great Lake Outfitters Vintage and I teamed up to show how any woman can wear ’20s style in a dropwaist knit dress from the 1960s. No Charleston needed!

Featured in my e-book, The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online, Great Lake Outfitters is the midwest’s go-to source for quality, affordable vintage clothing on eBay. Founder Kelly scours Ohio for the garments that every girl can go ga-ga over — without having to save for that “special” one-off occassion.

 Why is ’20s fashion so hot right now? How are you wearing the trend?

Let me know in the comments below, or say hello on TwitterFacebookInstagram or get a free excerpt of my e-book here! 

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Wearing 1920s Style

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters ebay vintage store

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters vintage on ebay

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters vintage on ebay

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters on ebay

Shot on location at The Belvedere Castle in New York City’s Central Park, the Victorian style castle (designed in 1865) provided a vintage backdrop circa 60 years older than the 1920s itself.

Found mid-park near 79th street, the castle offers panoramic views of the parks other sights worth tourist-spotting, including Delacorte Theater, Turtle Pond and the Great Lawn.

Learn more about the Belvedere Castle (meaning “beautiful view” in Italian) via Central Park’s website.

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters vintage on ebay

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters on ebay

1960s leather bag from my darling vintage

>> Grey-wool shoes by Michael Kors

>> Vintage ’80s-does’20s style felt hat, from my personal collection

>> Vintage 1960s leather briefcase compliments of My Darling Vintage, the #1 online store for vintage bags in my e-book 

’20s Style Dropwaist Dress

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters vintage on ebay

1920s style dropwaist dress from great lake outfitters vintage on ebay

The 1960s-does-1920s style dropwaist captures the look and liberated lifestyle of the flapper era without needing to dress up for the night.

First popular in the ’20s and again in the 1960s (when this dress was made), a dropwaist is quite literal in its name: The waistline is dropped to at or slightly below the hips and because of this design creates a straight, waistless silhouette.

The dropwaist dress was a nod to the adrodynous feel of the era, when girls began cutting their hair short into short bobs, removing constricting corsets and loosening their clothing to more shapeless silhouettes than the “fitted” fashions of their mothers’ and grandmothers’ past.

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lipstick affirmation everything i'm not made me everything great i am

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Buy the Dress!

great lake outfitters 1960s dropwaist dress for sale on ebay

 This vintage 1960s dropwaist dress by vintage label “Dalton” is available on Great Lake Outfitters now.

Or, check out Great Lake Outfitter’s other vintage dresses for inspired vintage style you’ll want to wear all summer long.

Great Lake Outfitters

great lake outfitters logo on ebay

Great Lake Outfitters is a Cleveland, Ohio based eBay power seller with a rich history of offering vintage trends to men and women around the world at budget-friendly prices. Founder Kelly scours the midwest for garments from estate sales, auctions and the personal collections of American family dynasty members.

GLO also sells locally at vintage pop-up events, shows and open-air markets in the Ohio area. Interested in checking out Great Lake for yourself?

Drop Kelly a line to see when she’s setting up in Ohio near you.

Visit Great Lake Outfitters 

Site – Facebook 

Photography by Diane Dulgerian Photography

diane dulgerian ad

Diane Dulgerian is a New York City based photographer with an eye for style.

She specializes in portrait photography of children, high school seniors, engagement/couples/love, families, events, maternity and pets.

Visit Diane Dulgerian Photography 

Site – Facebook  – Instagram


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  1. Linda says:

    What a great look for you, Sammy! It looks especially good on you. I do remember wearing drop waist dresses and chunky shoes as a child in elementary school back in the 60s.

    Beautiful photos and a lovely post! You’re awesome! :)

  2. Fröken H says:

    Great look! Personally I don’t wear the drop waist because it don’t flatter my body type but that dress makes me want to try it out anyway. :)

  3. Ritzz says:

    I love your skin colour and lip shade in these photos! You seem so refined and yet so fresh (I hope you take that as a compliment!) The second photo is divine.
    What do you think of drop waist dresses on a bottom heavy figure?

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