Wearing a 1960s Hippie Shirt Because: “It’s Not That I Should, It’s That I Can”

August 28th, 2013
lipstick affirmation

In this video I discuss why it’s important to evaluate the language we communicate to ourselves. Are we being our own worst enemies or our own best friends?

By substituting “I should” with “I can,” we’re empowering ourselves to take action rather than forcing ourselves to do something rooted in anxiety, expectation and pressure.

Today’s #lipstickaffirmation, “It’s Not That *I Should,* It’s That *I Can*” can be found here. 

Wearing :: Vintage ’60s top // Vintage ’70s bathing suit top // Crystal necklace thanks to Sara of Delancey Dame Vintage, who just recently had chemotherapy for knee cancer and is fully recovered.

SHE IS A ROCKSTAR and I send her so much love!

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It’s Not That I Should, It’s That I Can

lipstick affirmation


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  1. Loving your fierce hair and positive energy– amazing crystal necklace and story behind it.

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