6 Ways to Wear Vintage with a DIY Geometric Necklace

February 13th, 2012

geometric necklace with vintage clothing

If a DIY geometric necklace is introduced to your jewelry collection, you’re either going to love the piece at first sight or not know a thing about how to wear it. Or perhaps, both! 

Enter crafty diva Meg Allan Cole Craft’s do-it-yourself geometric necklace shown in the pictures above. It’s a statement piece of glorious gold that similar to DIY itself, needs some SIY (style-it-yourself) inspiration.

Made from wood, spray paint and some wire, Meg crafted this piece from scratch as shown in her DIY tutorial of how to make it on her YouTube channel. I loved seeing the creation of the piece so much that I knew I had to see it up close and personal — and of course, styled with vintage clothing!

So I invited Meg to A Little Wicked for a challenge: Which vintage pieces could we pair with the necklace for fresh and modern looks?

The answer? Keep reading after the jump to watch my latest video where Meg gets styled in 6 unique vintage pieces accessorized with the necklace, and learn which clothing item was Meg’s personal favorite when worn with this gorgeous geometric creation!

I’d love to hear which vintage piece was your personal favorite with the necklace by leaving a comment below the post, and please send love to Meg Allan Cole Crafts by checking out her YouTube channel and saying hi to her for me on Facebook!

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geometric necklace with ethnic sweater

While she loved all of the vintage pieces she tried on in A Little Wicked, Meg could only decide on one piece to declare her favorite.

And the winner is … the chunky ethnic design sweater!

Meg told me that between the 6 vintage pieces she modeled with her geometric necklace, that this sweater was the one thing she’d wear (and love!) most if it were in her wardrobe. The gold of the necklace fits with the brown-hued color family of the sweater, and the “V” shaped spacing between the necklace’s wooden blocks mimic its ethnic design.

It’s as if this geometric necklace was made to match this funky knit!

But that’s not to say the geometric necklace didn’t flatter the other vintage pieces Meg tried on. The necklace paired well with all 6 because rather than overwhelm the look, the necklace made all of the pieces more exciting than if worn without it.


diy geometric necklace with vintage patterned dress

1.) This sleeveless dress was a soft cotton perfect for packing to take on a tropical island getaway. The necklace gives the dress life beyond just the beach –paired with the necklace, black tights and heels, you’ve transformed your look from day to night.

2.) Because the dress has such a dark aura (despite the white and brown design), the glimmering gold of the necklace helps to brighten the overall look. Plus, it draws attention to Meg’s pretty face!


diy geometric necklace with vintage patterned dress

3.) The necklace falls perfectly into the wide V-neck of this eyelet and mesh white top. For another touch of gold, I’d spray paint a bangle bracelet the same golden color as the necklace and wear together for double the shine.

4.) Unless your goal is for basic simplicity, no-frill white tops look clean and cool with a a touch of personality a la jewelry. I think the geometric necklace was just the trick to turn this top from plain smart to simply stylish. 



diy geometric necklace vintage ethnic sweater

5.) Offset a sweater’s novelty print (I personally felt this one looked a bit like Christmas) with a piece of jewelry in contrasting color or design. Because the geometric necklace pops against the sweater, it doesn’t feel as “holiday” as it would when worn without such a unique piece.

6.) Meg’s favorite piece of them all! Chunky sweaters are as comfortable and easy as your favorite college sweatshirt, but thanks to their interesting designs add greater style value to your outfit than just the emblem of your alma mater.



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  1. Reyna Lay says:

    Oh my gosh! Yay! I’m glad she got the chunky sweater! It was my favorite! :)

  2. Sammy says:

    Agreed! It was a great fit for her!

  3. I LOVE THEM ALL! What an amazing piece showing how to style one vintage necklace so many ways. I just did a post on large statement bib necklaces today. I’m so into these things!

  4. Oh wait..I just saw that its not a vintage necklace but her own creation..even cooler!

  5. Sammy says:

    Still have to wear the one you gave me and ROCK IT OUT!! ;-)

  6. The chunky sweater to the right was my favorite too! :)

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