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August 27th, 2013
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I’m excited to share that eBay has launched a discussion forum for vintage lovers called eBay Talk!

I was recruited by eBay to work as a resident expert in the vintage fashion hub of eBay Talk! I’m thrilled for this opportunity because since Facebook now requires I pay for my posts to be seen by all followers, it’s been difficult for me to reach the community of #vintagelovers who have liked and supported Sammy Davis Vintage and my universal mission for spreading #vintagelove.

While disappointing that Facebook isn’t the same digital discussion space as it once was, thanks to eBay talk, there’s now a new opportunity for our community and others to come together and talk all things vintage.

eBay Talk is where you can see what questions I pose (“How would you style a ’50s dress with modern accessories?”) or through “chit-chat,” ask you to share the great pieces of #vintagelove in your eBay shops now so that I can curate them for my “expert picks,” which is an area of Talk where I share my favorite vintage fashion available for purchase on eBay now!

The forum is free for any registered eBay user. Just log on, check out eBay Talk and get chatty with me!

For instructions on how to use eBay Talk, keep reading after the jump to learn how. See you on eBay Talk soon, #vintagelovers! And as always … thank you for spreading #vintagelove, wherever you are in the world.

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xx, SD

Step 1: Log onto eBay

ebay talk

<< Log onto or sign up for eBay Here >> 

Step 2: Visit 

eBay talk

 << Visit eBay Talk Here >> 

Step 3: Visit this question, “If you are a vintage seller on eBay, what is your favorite item in the shop now? Let me know by posting a link to this question thread and describing the garment! #vintagelove” 

eBay talk << Visit and Answer This Question Here >> 

Step 4: If interested, visit and contribute to the conversation of other questions! Visit eBay Talk Vintage Fashion

ebay talk

<< Visit eBay Talk Vintage Fashion >> 

Step 5: Share the questions with your Facebook and Twitter audiences! 

sharing on Facebook

Share to your Facebook fanpage or personal page!

sharing on twitter

Share on Twitter by letting your followers know that you’re linking them to eBay Talk (and not just a spam link!).

Step 6: Comment on the question, “What is your favorite item in your eBay shop now?” so that I can know to add you to my favorite eBay sellers!

saved eBay sellers

 <<Visit My Favorite Sellers Here >>

Step 7: After I save you to my favorite eBay sellers,  I’ll consider including your items for sale in my weekly “Expert Picks” on eBay Talk

ebay sellers

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  1. Linda says:

    Congratulations, Sammy, on being selected to do this; a good choice on eBay’s part!

  2. Fröken H says:

    What a great concept! :D

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