Erstwhile Style Vintage Fashion: My Favorite Pieces for Spring

February 17th, 2011
erstwhilestyle womens vintage fashion

erstwhilestyle womens vintage fashion

Hey folks, guess what?! It’s VINTAGE THURSDAY!!!

Well, I guess the fact that I’m qualifying today with “vintage” isn’t really anything new. Still, today is a particularly special vintage day for any of you lovelies out there who are online vintage enthusiasts!

A few weeks ago I was invited to model the spring collection for online vintage store Erstwhile Style. Can you say HONORED?! I joyfully accepted, because nothing makes me happier than a.) experiencing new pieces of vintage fashion, b.) helping to promote a vintage seller I admire and c.) working as an advocate of feel-good style!

Founder Simone Hines and I collaborated to style and produce the shoot,  photographed by Justin Bridges. I modeled 15+ looks for the collection, ranging from ’70s ascot secretary blouses to ’80s mini dresses and all the way over to the American Pacific Southwest in Aztec influenced ponchos, dresses and skirts.

Erstwhile Style isn’t just any clothing brand that sells vintage — the brand pays close attention to contemporary trends, like this season’s nod to Aztec and Pacific Southwest influences, ’60s/’70s glam and bright, bright, BRIGHT colors.

You’ll see Simone reading the latest issue of Vogue while she’s scouring top secret sources for sweet vintage finds to add to her online store and bring you those one-of-a-find pieces worth that extra ooh and aah. No matter her vintage lovin’ ways, any fashionista can enjoy a piece from the Erstwhile Style collection.

So while I was oogling everything in the spring collection, I made the tough decision of choosing THREE of my favorite pieces and showing them to you after the jump so that if you choose, you can use the coupon code SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE to get 20 percent off any of these three fab pieces available online now.

So while you’re scouring the ‘net today and making weekend plans, click over to Erstwhile Style to see a sampling of vintage fashion that can be incorporated into your wardrobe — and really make it shine for spring!

Happy Vintage Thursday, everyone! I’d love to know which of these pieces is your fav — leave me a comment below! Or, click “like” above the article and share this article and your thoughts with friends on Facebook. Remember, sharing is CARING!

xx, SD

1970s Floral Lace Caftan Maxi Dress

erstwhilestyle womens vintage fashionerstwhilestyle womens vintage fashion

CLICK HERE to buy!

1970s Aztec Ethnic Sweater Poncho Dress

erstwhilestyle womens vintage fashion

erstwhile style womens vintage fashion

CLICK HERE to buy!

1980s Adolfo Opt Art Mini Dress

erstwhilestyle womens vintage fashionerstwhilestyle womens vintage fashion
CLICK HERE to buy!


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  1. Cindy says:

    Wow, I love the colors of the outfits you’re wearing! Bring on Spring, looks like you’re ready!

  2. Sammy says:

    WOO HOO! Thanks Cindy! It’s a nice 50 or so degrees here in NYC ;-) FINALLY! xx

  3. wow, i saw the video on youtube and she really has some gems in the collection. plus you gave me ideas on how to shoot my spring lookbook.


  4. amanda says:

    oh this is so fun! i bet the shot was a lot of fun!

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