Gratefulness Giveaway: Enter to Win a Vintage Blazer & Earrings!

May 20th, 2011

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The last gratefulness Friday giveaway with Victory Vintage was a huge success.

More than 25 entries answered the question, “What is your favorite activity for spring?”

PLUS, you guys totally spread the vintage love with 30 tweets and 61 likes to the post! YEAH LADIES!!!!

Speaking of ladies, huge congratulations again to Leni for winning that giveaway! We look forward to seeing how you style your gratefulness Friday vintage prize pack ;-)

Without further ado, I’m happy to announce the next Gratefulness Friday Giveaway with INDIE STYLE SOCIETY VINTAGE, an Etsy seller and fellow New Yorker.

She’s graciously donated a few of her favorite vintage items that speak indie style for today’s giveaway — all you have to do is keep reading after the jump to learn how to enter for a chance to win!

Well HELLO THERE! Thanks for clicking to read instructions on how to enter today’s giveaway, and to take a few minutes to read my positive musings in honor of living a life of gratefulness!

I led this post today with an image of “thank you” because that is what gratefulness Friday is all about: Giving back to my readers (you!!) with a chance to win fabulous vintage for your exterior style, and to also inspire your personal style on the interior (within!).

I always look forward to working with vintage sellers to organize giveaways for future Gratefulness Friday posts – so if you are a vintage seller and interested in helping to spread the love, please contact me by sending me a quick hello over email to

indie style society vintage logo

And to all you vintage lovers out there!

Today’s giveaway sponsor Indie Style Society is offering a coupon code for 15% off her shop now through midnight on Monday, May 23rd.

Use “SAMMYDAVISMay11” in checkout for the discount!

Happy entering, happy gratefulness, happy weekends and happy VINTAGE LOVE!

xx, SD


womens vintage fashion

Lately, I’ve been stopping whatever I’m doing at the moment to remind myself of one simple thing: to SMILE.

Living in the city of New York, I pass hundreds of people on the street, subway and in the cafes, stores and wherever else I may be on a particular day.

When I pause to truly take in these people living their days around me, I recognize that only a handful of them are smiling in their solitude. Sure, I see people smile when interacting with others they know, but how often do we see people smile when ALONE?!

Last weekend I ran my first marathon, covering 26.2 miles in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

For at least 20 of those miles, I was SMILING. I was smiling against the grain because I wanted to enjoy each and every moment of that race … no matter the pain or exhaustion I was feeling.

In fact, I didn’t feel pain and I didn’t feel exhaustion when I chose to pause in my mind (while my body was still moving!) to remember to SMILE.

There is something so beautifully powerful about the smile. It can light up a room. It can attract you to your soul mate. It can make a baby laugh.

Smiles are communication to others without saying a single word. It’s a piece of positive energy we are always in possession of, and as I experienced first hand running last weekend’s marathon … can give us strength in times of need.

I want to smile more.

I want to smile as I walk the streets to run an errand or shop the grocery store. I want to smile at someone on the subway who I may never see again.

I want to smile with the homeless man on the corner, to the woman who sells me fruit at the farmer’s market, to the operator on the phone when I call my credit card company to complain about an unnecessary charge!

When we smile to others, we are smiling in celebration of them … WITH them. We are communicating the language of CARE … and not just to the person who is before us, but to the person who lives within us.

We don’t need to pay for self-love through manis/pedis, a massage or a therapy session. We can love ourselves by choosing to love the moment and the people, activities and circumstances of it with a simple smile.

Whatever that moment is for you today, if you can remember this message to smile, I promise that you will feel better in that moment than if you hadn’t smiled.

Not all moments seem appropriate for a smile. But it’s when the moment seems the LEAST appropriate for a smile — smiling at strangers, smiling at a funeral, smiling when running 26.2 miles — that the TRUE power of your smile will shine through you … and live with you always.

I look forward to hearing what makes you smile most when you enter today’s Gratefulness Friday giveaway!

xx, SD



indie style society vintage fashion giveaway earrings and blazerindie style society vintage fashion giveaway blazer


PRIZE PACK ITEM #1: One fantastic boyfriend box-cut blazer with a grey/black/white floral all-over floral print (shown close-up in the left image, immediately above)

As pictured on the model, the blazer’s sleeves can be rolled up, and the piece pairs well with jeans (or jean shorts!) for a laidback look.

PRIZE PACK ITEM #2: One pair of brass-colored HEART stud earrings! So perfect for spreading vintage love! ;-)


For a chance to win these two pieces in the vintage fashion prize pack sponsored by Indie Style Society listed above and valued at $50, you must enter between today [Friday, May 20th] and by midnight on Monday, May 23rd.

You can only enter once, and all winners will be drawn at random using the site Winners will be announced by Wednesday, May 25th.

Enter by answering the following question in the comment fields or Facebook comment fields below this contest post:

***Describe something (an activity, a person, a possession!) that ALWAYS makes you smile!!***



**Entrants/Winners must be legal U.S. residents of the lower 48 states (not including Alaska and Hawaii) and at least 18 years old as of May 20th, 2011.

**For full contest rules and regulations can be found here

**All information submitted by contestants is subject to Sammy Davis Vintage’s privacy policy found here

Happy entering and GOOD LUCK!!!


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Facebook Comments


  1. Juanita says:

    What makes me SMILE is when my husband calls home.

  2. My lil pup Donna always knows how to make me smile, even on the worst days! How can you NOT laugh at a dog named Donna?!

  3. Erin says:

    I smile when i see beautiful yet sadly unnoticed things. For example, dandelions swaying in the wind, moths flying about, when a youngster help a grandma cross the street, when someone helps a mom carry her stroller up & down the stairs, when someone stops the door for someone.

  4. Natasha says:

    Right now, through finishing school, I’m always smiling when hanging out with friends. We manage to find sunny spots to chat in. I would not make it past lunchtime with out them!!

  5. Jamillah says:

    My mom…My mom provides endless surprises and she’s done everything to make my life as good as possible…sigh, I’m smiling right now.

    This is by far my favorite method to enter a giveaway. So sweet. Thank you.

  6. Thinking about my family always makes me smile. They are the strangest, rowdiest bunch of people I’ve ever set eyes on, but I love them!

  7. Priya says:

    what makes me smile is when doing something for charity and knowing that you made someone else out there smile along with you. <3

  8. Nancy says:

    My best friend always manages to be great company and whenever I talk to him, he definitely makes me smile with his jokes and positive attitude.

  9. Amber Danese says:

    My boyfriend ALWAYS makes me smile. even on days when I don’t think I can!

  10. Jasmine says:

    The one person that always made me smile in my childhood and my adult life is my father. He passed away 3 years ago, but every time I think of him or I see something that reminds me of him I just smile!

  11. Erin says:

    I smile when I think of my family … today I smile because it is my Grandmother’s 93rd Birthday!!! and she has an amazing sense of humor that keeps us laughing! LOVE YOU GRANDMA!

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