Live Video Chat: Sharing Thrift Finds Sunday, November 27th!

November 6th, 2011

Hey fellow vintage lovers!! Happy almost December!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and were able to sneak in some thrift/vintage shopping while they were visiting family & friends! We all know the “Turkey T” is important … but how about that “THRIFT T?!”

That’s why I want to focus this weekend’s LIVE GOOGLE VIDEO CHAT on discussing some of our recent thrift finds. I know that not everyone thrifts JUST for vintage, so I thought it’d be fun to open up the sharing possibilities to anything you recently thrifted.

As some of you read in a recent post on 5 Reasons We’re Addicted to Thrift … it’s hard to get away from that “Terrible T!”

So let’s put a positive spin on it for this chat as we share the gossip and the goodness behind how we scored some great pieces.

Keep reading after the jump to learn how to set up your computer to join in on this Live Google+ Video Chat that commences Sunday,  November 27th at 8PMEST!

Here are the details so that you have the who, what, where, when and why down and can jump into my hangout tonight to share in on the fun!


WHAT: Live video chat between me and fellow vintage/thrift lovers. A few weeks ago we had more than TEN people visit the chat!

REQUIREMENTS: Have 1-2 pieces of some recent thrift finds (up to you whether they are vintage or not!) to share and talk about!

WHERE: Google + hangout. Add me to your circles by clicking here.

WHEN: Sunday, November 27th from 8PM-9PMEST

HOW: At 7:50PM I will start “hanging out” in the video center. If you are following me on Google+ you should see that I’m “hanging out” in your stream, and you can click the hangout button to join.

It will look like this — except not with “Jeff Lebow!”



This is how the hangout announcement looks AFTER the hangout, in my stream:

I will also link the hangout directly to the Sammy Davis Vintage Facebook page at 7:50PM so that you can click from there into the Google+ hangout directly.

WHAT YOU NEED: You need a built in camera to your computer for this to work, or one that you have attached externally. Most computers have cameras internally: I have a PC (Hewlett Packard) with a built in web cam and microphone.

Here are the best settings I’ve personally found, so that when you join the hangout and find that you can’t hear and/or no one can see you, to change your settings to these for optimal results.

You may have to experiment for a minute at the beginning of the chat. We’ll help you test your settings so that you’re loud & clear!

WHY: To share your great thrift & vintage finds and potentially learn more about them!

I hope the hangout will inspire you to BRAG & BOAST about the great style you own. We all have reason to inspire one another and I have high hopes tonight is going to do just that.

Discussion points with our pieces:

*What is it? Show it off!*

*Where did you find it?*

*How much was it?*

*(if vintage) What era do you think it is?*

*How have you worn it?*

*Why you love it!*

And of course …

*Future plans for Google+ hangouts to meet and greet with OTHER vintage fashion experts!*



What if I can’t join the hangout? There’s a chance you may not be able to join because the hangouts in Google+ are limited to 10 people. I plan on regularly hosting these hangouts, and potentially streaming through so that you can watch without participating. So be on the lookout for these awesome developments in the near future!

Do I have to stay in the hangout for the entire hour? NO! You can definitely come and go as you please, but remember that people may grab your spot if you leave early!

Do I have to talk during this Google+ hangout? Ideally, yes! The Google+ hangout is where we can have our discussion, but someday soon I will be streaming these chats to Justin.Tv so that you can simply “watch” like an audience member. I may even record them to upload onto YouTube someday soon! Stay tuned!

What if I don’t like the topics of this hangout? That’s OK! Future hangouts will revolve around different topics, like the art of selling on Etsy vs. Ebay, or how to “find” the best vintage pieces and price to sell appropriately or just ideas on how to wear for yourself! I plan on focusing each video chat so that the audience who wants to learn about these topics is inspired to attend.

Thank you everyone for your interest in participating in yet another live video chat! I hope to see so many of you there! If you have any questions before the chat, please don’t hesitate to send me an email

See you on the computer screen soon, vintage lovers!

xx, SD

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  1. Aunt Michele says:

    I think I will try from my HP laptop until I figure out my iMAC tonight *fingers crossed*

  2. CAG says:

    HEY SAMMY!! I actually joined the chat for like 2 hot seconds but then realized I looked a HOT MESS on v-cam. LOL I’ll definitely join the next time though w/ my two show and tell pieces!!! I’m so excited to share them with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Geordannah says:

    My daughter and I will be hanging out with you tonight too.

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