The Future of Sammy Davis Vintage on YouTube!

October 22nd, 2010
sammy davis vintage update video

Why I’m hosting the 21 dress giveaway … and more on the future of Sammy Davis Vintage! Plus, a celebration: Today marks one year since leaving my job to pursue SDV full time!!! Thank you everyone for your support!

Definitely leave me a comment below if you have suggestions on where SDV should go and what I should do … I want lots of feedback from the people who will benefit most from this change! ;-)

xx, SD

p.s. Please enter the giveaway if you haven’t already!! Can’t wait to find these dresses happy homes!!

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  1. CB says:

    I love you, Sammy! You’re such a great women!

  2. Sammy says:

    Thank you to everyone for your support!!! Feeling so so so good right now ;-)

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