5 Vintage Looks I Love!

May 12th, 2011
sammy davis vintage womens vintage fashion outfit

Hello and happy NEW EPISODE OF SAMMY DAVIS VINTAGE day everyone!

I visited one of my favorite vintage boutiques — 1 of a Find Vintage — for a vintage fashion challenge: Styling 5 outfits in head-to-toe vintage pieces.

Watch the video above to see how I did … and let me know which look you like best by leaving a comment below!

Check out pictures of my 100 percent vintage looks after the jump! ;-)

(STYLE ALERT! Don’t look at the photos below if you haven’t seen the vid yet!)

Thank to you to ALL YouTube subscribers old & new, and to anyone who has taken a few minutes out of their days to watch a Sammy Davis Vintage video!

My channel hit 3,000+ subscribers last night — such a milestone! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this support. THANK YOU!

Spread vintage love, and make style PEACE!

xx, SD

vintage fashion outfit sammy davis vintage


vintage fashion outfit sammy davis vintage


vintage fashion outfit sammy davis vintage


vintage fashion outfit sammy davis vintage


vintage fashion outfit sammy davis vintage


sammy davis vintage womens vintage fashion outfit

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  1. Ellen Skagerberg says:

    Look #5 was the most inspiring, because I love these little prom dresses, but I’m over 50 now and don’t want to look like a completely deranged bag lady lost in fantasies of her high school days. Aha!–just tone it down with a big-girl long jacket, and let the prom dress peek out!

    I’ve also been looking at Bakelite bracelets, but they’re so expensive (for my thrifty budget). Someday I’ll find a stash for $2/each at the Goodwill … a girl can dream, right? …

    Not like I really needed another reason to go on the vintage prowl, but thanks for another fun “how to” video.

  2. Gigworn says:

    I love your maxi dress with brown leather accessories. Awesome. <3

  3. Amelia says:

    Ohhh…I love look number four. I could totally do that for work, and that Coach bag is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration, Sammy D!

  4. Brande says:

    Loving number 4,5 and 6! Your shoes and bags are FAB! thanks for showing the complete look head to toe. Your such a great model too! XOXOX!

  5. i love the maxi dress look! but every look has a little Stamp of FAB in it. there is nothing like styling vintage. it forces you to be creative with dressing and you get a cute on of a kind look, not seen at the mall! love it all Sammy!

  6. Raghouse says:

    Love the video! I’m voting PURPLE! They are all really fantastic though! Thank you!

  7. Peggie says:

    I like #6. #4 is my 2nd choice.

  8. Jendi says:

    Sammy – I love your videos and please don’t take this wrong, but please ask your camera person not to move around so quickly! It’s easier on the watcher if YOU move instead of the camera. For instance if they stand back and let us see all of you and then YOU move in and show us the purse.

    You are great on video so don’t stop!

  9. karyssa says:

    #2!! just love that one

  10. Cindy says:

    I just find your video from the YouTube .You are so great, I become your fans now:)

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