9 Fun Reasons To Own An Umbrella

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated February 25, 2020

9 Fun Reasons To Own An Umbrella 9

When was the last time you used an umbrella? For me, it was when I was a kid and my sisters and I would share one while waiting for the bus at then end of the driveway. Even if you have a technical raincoat with the latest and greatest water-wicking material, an umbrella can be a fun tool to have around. Here are nine reasons that you should have one — or a few — in the closet

1. For Sunny Days

9 Fun Reasons To Own An Umbrella 11
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Its much more fun to use an umbrella on a sunny beach day than a dreary rainy day. Stake it into the sand for a cabana-built-for-one, or carry it with you while you walk along the shore.

2. For Rainy-Day Parades

Umbrellas give you a reason to go for long walks in the rain. The darker and drearier the day is, the brighter your umbrella needs to be! Cheer up the neighborhood by carrying a bright red, pink, orange or yellow umbrella overhead.

3. To Decorate With

9 Fun Reasons To Own An Umbrella

I love this umbrella mobile over the bathtub. It is the perfect water-themed decor for this chic bathroom. Since umbrellas are circular, they make great additions to rooms that are overrun with square corners. Prop umbrellas above tall cabinets or shelving for a balancing, round splash of color.

4. To Give To A Stranger

It is fun to be generous! Imagine how great it would feel to hand your umbrella over to a stranger battling the pouring rain. You may be on your way to an airtight car, but that person might be walking through the storm.

5. For Your Next Photo-Shoot

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An umbrella would make a great prop for a photo-shoot, don’t you think?

6. To Perform Singin’ In The Rain

9 Fun Reasons To Own An Umbrella

Gene Kelly made his umbrella into a dance partner in the song “Singin’ in the Rain”, so why can’t you? You might have to practice his lamp-post moves a few times before nailing the choreography, however!

7. To Share With A Friend

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Cozy up with a friend under your umbrella. They do make umbrellas build for two, but where’s the fun in that?

8. To Paint With Puddles

9 Fun Reasons To Own An Umbrella

Some umbrellas are built with rolling stamps on one end, so that you can push them through puddles and leave wet smiley faces on the pavement. You don’t need a fancy rubber-stamp umbrella to make rain art. Just drag one end of the umbrella through the puddle and paint away.

9. Make A Scene During Wind Storms

Umbrellas are no use during a windstorm — just ask Mary Poppins. But if you want to make someone laugh, battle a big, unyielding umbrella in the midst of a windy day.

Pick up a few cheap, bright, second-hand umbrellas the next time you are out shopping, and you are sure to brighten someones day. Have fun dancing, singing, and making a scene! Do you own an umbrella already? When was the last time you used it for something silly? Leave a comment below.



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