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If you have some awesome vintage tips or lessons learnt and you’d like to share it with our audience, then we’d all love to read it!

Guest Posting

I accept guest bloggers that do not have an agenda to promote specific products / website / or advertising in general.  Guest blogging is aimed to help my readers learn tips from savvy thrifters and vintage experts. If your agenda is to share mediocre content just to gain backlinks or trick search engines then stop reading now. We are not a good fit for you.


Posts that promote a specific product or a website are considered sponsored posts which I allow however I charge a fee for that.  Sponsored posts will also be labeled as such.

My website attracts a variety of readers, from magazine & blog editors, to vintage experts and savvy thrifters.  My readers are predominantly female, highly educated, between the ages of 18 – 55 and live across the globe. More than 80% of the readers are from the US. They are interested in the following topics: vintage, thrifting, DIY, home decor/design, beauty, fashion/jewelry and luxury goods.

I receive thousands of page views and unique visitors per month with spikes going as high as 3x the average traffic, with a steadily growing audience.

In the past 5 years we this blog has quickly grown to be one of the most commonly read and sought-after vintage blogs in the United States and worldwide, to be specific, the top audience is from United States, Canada, United Kingdom & Australia.

If your target audience is in line with mine and you are interested in advertising with, then you’ve come to the right place!  I’ve worked with many great companies to help them deliver their message. To get more information on what I can offer you, simply fill the form below:


  1. Articles are emailed to hello [at] in RTF or Word Format (no PDFs please). You must be the author and the article must unique and not published anywhere else online or offline. Remember, the better & more helpful it is, the larger your audience will become.
    The article should include:

    1. A Title – This is important! If you’re thinking of a title you should check out this study.
    2. Proper Formatting – Articles should be properly formatted (H1, H2, H3…etc)
    3. Please link to any external references you used while doing your research (no linking for the sake of passing ‘SEO juice’)
    4. Feel free to link to relevant supporting helpful resources.  We suggest that you have 3-6 external links & 2-4 internal links depending on the total length of the post. External links are links to any other website like your blog, New York Times, Washington Post and so on. Internal links are hyperlinks to other articles on The Budget Diet.
  2. Pictures (with proper credits/attribution) they should be crisp (good resolution & not enlarged) with minimum width of 450px.
    Your photo should be relevant to the content of the article and we prefer that it’s in landscape (horizontal). Otherwise it will be trimmed when shared on social networks like Facebook.
  3. Headshot Photo (size: 125x125px ) which will appear below the article
  4. Bio (between 20-40 words) in third person POV. Example: “Sarah is …” instead of “I am …”.  This will be published next to your headshot photo below the article

Guidelines & Code of Conduct

  1. Absolutely no duplicate content (plagiarism)
  2. Be nice and link to others appropriately
  3. Never write something that you know is not true
  4. Admit your mistakes and be accountable


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