Lipstick Affirmations Workshop for Girls 7-12: “I Am Smart & Beautiful for What I Like to Do!”

August 30th, 2013
marlow lipstick affirmation

Watch the video above to hear me announce my Lipstick Affirmations workshop with The Creative Cookie’s Eco-Fashion Camp, held yesterday, August 29th in Red Hook, Brooklyn. 

Yesterday I announced that I was leading a workshop for young girls age 7-12 to experience the power of affirmation writing and explore why, “They Are Smart and Beautiful for the Things They Do.”

I want all women to recognize that they are loved and can love themselves for their passions. We live in a world where women are continually bombarded with imagery in the media reinforcing that to be “smart and beautiful,” we must also be perfectly dressed, toned and apply makeup each and everyday.

The “media” also includes YouTube, where fashion hauls, beauty tutorials and tips on “how to get my crush to like me” are the most popular uploads and continue to enforce “external” value for teen girls versus “internal” value, which I call your #powerwithin.

By reminding young women that they are powerful, sensational creators of their lives not by how they look but by what they do, we can be positive role models in a world where despite landmark shifts in equality and opportunity for women, we are still told to believe by the media (and each other!) that to be beautiful is a top priority as a successful woman on this planet.

My goal is to disrupt this belief so that no matter whether a girl likes to wear the latest trends or not, she knows and recognize that she is smart AND beautiful because of her passions … and not necessarily that she can “ignite passion” in others based on her looks alone.

We wake up each morning and put on an outfit and makeup (especially lipstick!) which makes us feel our best. We style ourselves on the outside … now let’s start styling ourselves from #within.

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The Workshop – Our Declaration to the World!

Here’s a clip of the girls and I after we’d completed the Lipstick Affirmations workshop.

We declared our #powerwithin: We are smart and beautiful for the THINGS WE LIKE TO DO!

Writing Our Affirmations with Sharpie!

lipstick affirmation writing workshop

lipstick affirmation writing workshop

lipstick affirmations workshop

lipstick affirmations workshop

Putting on Their Revlon Lipstick!




lipstick affirmations workshop

lipstick affirmations workshop

We Are Smart & Beautiful Because ….

vivian lipstick affirmations

<< VIVIAN: “I am smart and beautiful because I like to be an athlete!” 

marlow lipstick affirmation

<< MARLOW: “I am smart and beautiful because I am an actress!” 

aliyah lipstick affirmation

<< ALYIAH: “I am smart and beautiful because I love doing ballet!” 

amyra lipstick affirmation

<< AMYRA: “I am smart and beautiful because I like art!” 

ariana lipstick affirmation

<< ARIANA: “I am smart and beautiful because I like to read!” 

VLOG: After the Workshop

Listen to me discuss how I feel immediately after the workshop – while riding the escalator to the subway platform for the F train back to Manhattan from Red Hook, Brooklyn!

What I Wore

1970s ethnic print maxi dress

Wearing :: 1970s ethnic print midi length dress, made from barkcloth // DIY turban // vintage & handmade rings // Michael Kors wedge heel platforms

Thank You to Revlon & Sharpie!


Thank you to Revlon and Sharpie for products of excellence which helped make this workshop possible!

Since the launch of Lipstick Affiirmations on Instagram – my daily campaign for inspiring self-love and daily affirmation writing to remember our #powerwithin – I’ve been using a Sharpie pen to write the affirmation and a Revlon lipstick in classic red to seal my affirmation with a kiss.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love this! I work with kids in schools and think this is a fun, empowering, and creative intervention. Great idea :)

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