Vintage Holiday Gift Ideas

January 4th, 2016

Holiday season is the time for festivities and some great family time. But the best thing about Christmas is still the presents, no matter what age you are, although indefinitely this is much more awaited tradition by the kids.

However, this year, we’ve come up with some vintage gift ideas which will make the perfect gift to give to your colleague, friend or even spouse. All the items on this list are fairly easy and will surely set the mood for the Christmas season. So let’s get started on this collection of vintage gifts.

Canning Jars

Present your gifts in an old but sweet look. This idea will work best with small gifts. All you need to do is just get some canning jars from an antique store or you can also use some empty jam jars. Place some Epsom salt inside to give the best impression of a white Christmas. Get some Christmas decorations on the jar, some pine leaves, ribbons and lots of glitter. Place a small ornament inside the jar and seal with a wooden top. It’ll look lovely!

Tea cups

Garage sales and thrift shops are the perfect place to get some teacups from. Look for ones that have lovely patterns on them or that go with the whole holiday theme. You can either place some dried flowers in the cup to make it a decoration piece or just fill some of your friend’s favorite blends inside.

Another idea can be to get hold of some antique tea cups for people who are tea or coffee drinkers. Just decorate the set with a simple ribbon and you’re good to go.  Need some help? See some great tea cups here.

Wooden Caddy

Wooden Caddies make ideal vintage gifts and they are fairly easy to find too. Any antique shop near your house is bound to have a wooden caddy in stock. So all you would need to do is decorate it with glittery Christmas decorations and fill the space inside with some old memories of you and your friend. This will add a personal touch to the gift.

In case you don’t find a wooden caddy and you are willing to go the extra mile, you can always make one on your own. There are a lot of DIYs that will help you in making one.

Hardback Books

Get a few hardback books from an antique store and just tuck them into a box filled with paper wrapping. Anyone would love a good old book.

Vintage Clothes

One of the best gift ideas is to look for some vintage clothes that would look great on your friend. The added benefit is that next year on Halloween, they can go as a Victorian Aristocrat!

Do check out Fabletics before you go for any other online clothing store. You’ll love the whole experience.

Hope you liked the gift ideas. Do try one this year and surprise all your friends. Happy Holidays!

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