Start Up Tips for Small Business

September 15th, 2016


Even if you have job and a proper monthly income, the changes in the economy that brings about changes in the lifestyle of people make it necessary for them to look for alternate and extra sources of income. But since they are already bound to a job it takes a lot of juggling and struggling to manage another job. But if the person has an idea of a business that is service based instead of product selling and needs a few hours of work that he can spare from his daily job and manage with a small investment then there is hope.
Starting up a tutoring franchisee is one such business that is completely service oriented and does not need huge investments. But starting a business however small is not an easy job but setting up a tutoring business is a wonderful way to earn some extra income which can easily change to a career if you are successful in the venture. Let us see a step by step plan to set up a tutoring business.

Know Your Strengths

To start this form of business it is vital to know your knowledge of the different academic subjects and the courses being taught in the current educational system. Then you must know which a subject that is your strength is and plan to tutor that particular subject accordingly. Also you must make sure the academic levels which you will be comfortable tutoring and helping with the tuition assignments.


There are numerous tutoring and coaching classes coming up every day. Look for the competition in your area and know their subjects taught by them as well as the fees asked by them for their services. This would help you decide on the subjects you want to tutor as well as the fees you want to charge for your services.

Certified Tutoring

Even if you are a good tutor most parents like to make sure about your tutoring skills by seeing your certificate for tutoring hanging on your wall. This gives them peace of mind that their ward is in the right hands. So, it is recommended to register yourself as a qualified tutor to increase your number of students. Register here as a tutor:

Consider Yourself a Businessman

Consider yourself as rendering service in the form of a businessman. You are into this profession to earn money but don’t let greed come in the way. Demand fees that you feel is right according to your qualifications, subjects you tutor and the time that you are allotting the students for the purpose.

Decide on a Place

If you are looking to lower your investment it is suggested to use the area of your residence as a temporary place where you can start your tutoring. It is taken for granted that any parent who wants to send their child to you for tutoring would like to tour the place. Select an area which noise and distraction free and bright and airy enough for the students. Add some benches and chairs for the students study area and a blackboard with some stationary and you are ready to go.

Let the World Know

Market yourself and the new tutoring set up. Again here if you want to avoid investment you can contact your friends and let them know about your venture and you can also ask your children to spread the word through their friends.
Well. You see. It is not that difficult to set up a small business in tutoring. Just follow the above few simple steps and start your own venture to be your own boss!

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