17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90’s Theme Party

by Yvette in Comment — Updated June 27, 2024

The 90s were known for groundbreaking fashion trends that have stood the test of time. As 90’s theme parties are popular, use this guide to create fun, nostalgic outfits inspired by the decade’s pop culture icons and styles.

Even though this is a 90s theme party, feel free to channel  Madonna’s iconic 80s looks as well – the bold lace tops and fingerless gloves transcended decades.

Bright Colors and Bold Patterns

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Credits: @Watashistore / Pinterest

I love the 90s aesthetic, especially those bright colors and bold patterns! It’s like a burst of happiness in every outfit and room.

In the 90s, people went crazy for vibrant shades like neon greens, hot pinks, and electric blues. These colors were everywhere – from our clothes to our walls.

And the patterns? Oh boy, they were wild! Think checkerboards, tie-dye, and funky geometric shapes.

What made this trend so special was its fearless approach to self-expression. You could mix and match the craziest colors and patterns, which somehow worked.

It was all about being daring and unapologetically unique.

Whether it was fashion, interior design, or even music videos, the 90s bright and bold aesthetic was all about making a statement.

And it’s no wonder that it’s making a comeback today.

Are you feeling nostalgic? Don’t be afraid to add bright colors and bold patterns to your life – they’re a surefire way to bring a smile to your face!

Key Takeaway

  • This article highlights iconic 90s fashion trends like vibrant colors, bold patterns, crop tops, grunge style, and oversized looks.
  • It features nostalgic outfit ideas inspired by pop culture figures of the era such as Spice Girls, Kurt Cobain, and Britney Spears.
  • It also includes 90s hairstyling and accessories like scrunchies, butterfly clips, chokers, and fanny packs to complete the look.
  • Lastly, it discusses the resurgence of 90s fashion and retro pieces making a stylish comeback today.

1. Spice Girls Inspired Outfit

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Credits: @kell5000 / Pinterest

When it comes to 90s theme party outfits, we have endless options. Let’s dive into some awesome 90s party outfit ideas!

One iconic 90s trend that still rocks today is high-waisted jeans. These are versatile and flattering. Pair them with a crop top or an oversized graphic tee for a rad 90s look.

And remember the Spice Girls? Their wild and colorful style is perfect for inspiration! Go Sporty Spice with a tracksuit, or channel your inner Baby Spice with pigtails and a cute mini dress.

Sometimes, I go “Scary Spice.”

I use animal print to embody Scary Spice’s fierce and edgy look! A leopard-print bodysuit or zebra-striped pants paired with chunky boots can make you feel like Melanie Brown. Add some bold makeup and a wild hairstyle to complete the look.

For Posh Spice’s sophisticated elegance, opt for a little black dress, preferably with a sleek and simple design. Add some killer heels and oversized sunglasses, too. And for the hair and makeup—keep them understated, elegant, and polished.

Sometimes, my mood wants me to channel Ginger Spice’s fiery spirit. So, I go for a Union Jack dress or top. Pair it with platform boots, and for my hair, I either add some red highlights or wear a red wig.

Don’t forget to finish each look with bold lipstick!

Remember, Spice Girls-inspired outfits are all about confidence and having fun. Mix and match elements from each Spice Girl’s style to create your unique and fabulous 90s fashion style.

2. Kurt Cobain and Grunge Style

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Credits: @422phoenix / Pinterest

When it comes to style, I’ve always been a fan of rocking a leather jacket. It’s like a fashion classic that never goes out of style, just like those Backstreet Boys hits we still jam to.

I’ve seen various styles, from Kurt Cobain’s grunge look to boy bands in their gold chains. But there’s something about a leather jacket that adds that extra oomph to any outfit.

It’s like a statement piece that says, “I’m here to slay.”

So imagine this: I’m strutting down the street in my cool leather jacket, feeling like a rockstar.

I’ve paired my leather jacket with everything from a plaid shirt to a simple tee, and it always looks good.

So, if you want to add some edge to your style, throw on a leather jacket and rock it like your favorite rockstar. Who’s your famous rockstar, by the way?

3. Courtney Love Outfits

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Credits: @voguemagazine / Pinterest

Iconic rock styles are here to stay. Why? Remember the chunky and Converse sneakers everyone used to rock back then?

They’re making a comeback in recent years, and I couldn’t be happier.

Another iconic rock style is from Courtney Love, the ultimate rock chick. She had some killer outfit ideas. Think plaid flannel shirts paired with fishnet stockings – a look I’ve been trying to pull off for ages!

And now, thanks to TikTok – make, it’s easier than ever to get inspiration.

Come to think of it. Going as a 90s rock star for a Halloween costume is definitely on my list, although it’s still months from now. That way, I can look for a costume quickly, especially since I know some of the best places to find the perfect pieces.

So, it’s time to channel my inner Courtney Love and confidently rock those chunky sneakers!

4. Pearl Jam Inspired

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Credits: @zakthemack / Pinterest

The 90s were a time of unique culture and fashion, emphasizing personal expression through clothing.

Grunge music, especially bands like Pearl Jam, had a significant impact on both music and fashion.

I enjoyed wearing outfits inspired by Pearl Jam’s style, like pairing a flannel shirt with ripped jeans. It gave me a rebellious edge, reflecting the non-conformist spirit of the time.

Although that rebellious phase was in the past, the clothes were more than just a fashion statement; they symbolized a desire to stand out and be different.

5. Crop Tops and Slip Dresses

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Credits: @bustledotcom / Pinterest

One of my all-time favorite trends from the 90s are crop tops and slip dresses.

Crop tops were all the rage, and I couldn’t resist showing off a sliver of my midriff and pairing them with high-waisted jeans or skirts. Total win!

Slip dresses were another obsession. So silky, so chic. They effortlessly glided over my body, making me feel like a million bucks. Plus, they were just the right mix of feminine and sexy.

Bonus points for embracing the white shirt underneath the slip-dress look. It gave off an effortlessly cool vibe that screamed 90s fashion icon.

They made me feel like a fashion superstar, and I’d rock that style again in a heartbeat.

6. Channel Britney Spears

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Credits: @caitlinrank2960 / Pinterest

Who wouldn’t know Britney Spears in the 90s, especially when everyone wanted to channel their inner Britney Spears? Plus, baggy jeans, Chuck Taylor sneakers, and the spirit of the 90s were all the rage. It was all about that effortless look.

Britney Spears had a way of making the schoolgirl outfit look fantastic. Who could forget that iconic “Baby One More Time” video? I used to raid my closet for plaid skirts and white button-down shirts to recreate that look.

And then there were her workout outfits. She made it look so easy to rock crop tops and low-rise pants while dancing like a pro. And she’s conveying the embracing of different body types and feeling confident.

Onstage, Britney’s costumes were a spectacle. She knew how to put on a show, from the sparkling bodysuits to the fierce leather ensembles. It was like stepping into her world of fashion and music.

7. ‘Clueless’ Style Inspiration

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Credits: @cypherxr / Pinterest

I’ve always enjoyed Cher Horowitz’s classic 90s prep style. You know, the girl from the movie ‘Clueless.’

Her fashion sense is iconic. Plaid sets? It’s all about mixing high fashion with everyday pieces.

Cher taught us that it’s okay to be a little extra sometimes. She rocked those knee-high socks and coordinated outfits like a boss. Plus, her confidence was off the charts.

So have a blast with a modern twist, but don’t forget to top it off with some killer accessories. Cher Horowitz may be a fictional character, but her style is still groovy today.

8. Baggy Pants and Oversized Looks

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Credits: @dailymail / Pinterest

There are days when we shy away from high fashion and settle for a comfy outfit. That’s where the relaxed style of baggy pants and oversized shirts come in. It’s all about that hip-hop style and skater vibe that I’m okay with.

Besides being so comfy, baggy pants give me much freedom to move. Plus, they look fantastic with a pair of sneakers.

Though hip-hop and skaters popularized oversized shirts, they’re my go-to for a relaxed, laid-back look. They’re like a cozy blanket you can wear all day, even if I don’t skate.

The best part? I can throw an oversized shirt on and instantly feel chill and stylish.

9. LL Cool J and Will Smith Outfits

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 57

Credits: @ysymmedia / Pinterest

I love LL Cool J and Will Smith’s outfits, too! They rock those bright tracksuits and baseball caps like no one else. Were tracksuits popular in the 90s? Absolutely! These colorful, comfortable outfits were a staple of 90s fashion, often seen on celebrities and athletes alike, making them a must-have for any 90s-themed wardrobe..

LL Cool J has this incredible, laid-back style that makes him look effortlessly fabulous. His tracksuits are always on point, and the baseball cap adds extra swag.

And then there’s Will Smith, a fashion icon in his own right. His bright tracksuits are vibrant and eye-catching, just like his personality. He knows how to turn heads wherever he goes.

Plus, his choice of baseball caps always complements his outfit perfectly.

10. Hip Hop Style Icons

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Credits: @buzzfeed / Pinterest

The world of hip-hop style doesn’t end there. We have more icons to talk about!

Kriss Kross? Those backward clothes and fresh kicks made them unforgettable.

How about TLC? They rocked baggy overalls and left-eye’s unique eyepatch.

And Naughty by Nature had us all wearing baseball jerseys with attitude.

Hip-hop fashion keeps evolving, and these legends have made their mark. They made their music only a gateway to show a whole culture, a way of expressing yourself.

So, hip-hop style continues to influence and inspire, whether it’s the bold colors, oversized clothes, or flashy accessories. Stay fly, and let your style tell your story!

11. ’90s Accessories

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Credits: @etsy / Pinterest

The 90s outfits are only complete with accessories. Seriously, they make the whole look pop in a super fun way.

The chokers? They were the ‘unforgettable’ back then and still add a touch of ’90s fabulous to any outfit today.

And let’s not forget the fanny pack – so handy and stylish!

But there’s more – Keds shoes, white socks, and that iconic bucket hat! Whether rocking denim overalls or neon colors, these accessories complete the vibe.

So next time you plan a 90s-themed outfit, throw in some of these rad accessories. To complete the look, learning how to do a 90s blowout will add the perfect finishing touch, giving your hair that iconic volume and bounce that defined the era..

12. Channel the Cranberries

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 63

Credits: @bellzcolin / Pinterest

Whenever I feel the punk rock vibe, I channel the Cranberries. I pick out black shift dresses with long fringe for this style, but sometimes, the blackest denim jeans can do.

But what completes the 90s costumes with a theme of Cranberries is a pop of red lipstick! It’s like the secret weapon for a throwback look.

This look even gives off the vibe of a vampire slayer; add in a trusty stake and everything. If you can even wear it with friends, you can give off that 90s goth vibe. You can be like a living tribute to The Cranberries, ready to slay some undead creatures!

13. Gwenyth Paltrow Minimalism

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 65

Credits: @popsugar / Pinterest

Minimalism may be the talk of the town these couple of years, but I realized that it’s also been in the 90s era.

Gwyneth Paltrow made minimalism look fabulous with the white t-shirt and jeans or those simple slip dresses.

It’s like she knew the secret to looking effortlessly chic.

And even now, the white tee and jeans combo is a classic everyone has in their wardrobe, right?

That’s no wonder since the simplicity of 90s style has a timeless appeal, and it’s amazing how a basic white t-shirt and jeans can make you feel confident and stylish.

So, next time you’re wondering what to wear, take a page from Gwyneth’s book and embrace that 90s minimalism. It always stays in style!

14. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 67

Credits: @ewmagazine / Pinterest

Oh, Buffy the Vampire Slayer! She’s the ultimate badass with her leather jacket, crop top, and high-waisted jeans.

You know, the whole vampire slayer look that’s both stylish and ready to kick some supernatural butt.

Who wouldn’t want to be like her? She’s got this fantastic blend of fashion and fierce fighting skills. She does it all in style, whether staking vampires or battling demons.

So, if you ever need a dose of vampire-slaying, fashion-forward inspiration, look to Buffy. She’s the definition of a modern-day superhero, and she does it all while looking fabulous!

90’s Hairstyles

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 69

Credits: @byrdiebeauty / Pinterest

When it comes to nailing that 90s thrifted look, hairstyles are like the cherry on top of the fashion sundae.

Scrunchies, those fluffy hairbands, were a staple. They came in all colors and patterns, making it easy to match any outfit.

And let’s not forget the butterfly clips – tiny, colorful wings that could transform your hair into a work of art. They were the ultimate accessory!

Dark lipstick, too, was a game-changer. It added an edgy vibe to any look. Together, these elements completed the 90s style, making us feel like we stepped out of a retro music video.

15. 90’s Geek Chic

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 71

Credits: @tracylynnleon / Pinterest

Back then, being a geek was cool. I rocked those Power Ranger costumes with pride, feeling like a superhero.

Plaid pants and graphic tees were my everyday attire, too. Those bold, colorful patterns on my pants were like a fashion statement.

And let’s remember those epic graphic tees. They were like a canvas of my interests, from video games to cartoons like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The 90s Geek Chic was about embracing our passions and letting our inner geeks shine. It was a time when being yourself was the coolest thing you could do.

And those memories still bring a smile to my face.

16. Retro Resurgence

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 73

Credits: @heartafact / Pinterest

I know you also noticed something cool happening lately – a retro resurgence!

It’s all about returning to those old-school styles our parents used to rock. Overalls, mom jeans, and those tiny sunglasses from the ’90s are making a big comeback.

Denim overalls, for example, are back in fashion, and I’m not wondering why! They’re comfy and versatile and give off that effortlessly stylish vibe. You can’t go wrong if you pair them with a graphic tee or crop top.

Plus, they’ve got that nostalgic charm that makes you feel part of a classic ’90s sitcom.

So, if you haven’t already, consider digging through your closet or hitting a thrift store to grab some retro pieces. Here are some tips on how to thrift shop. It’s a fun way to mix old and new, and you’ll be right on-trend with the retro resurgence!

17. Oversized Blazers and Menswear

17 Outfit Ideas for Your Next 90's Theme Party 75

Credits: @glamourmag / Pinterest

Am I the only one borrowing oversized blazers and menswear pieces from my dad’s closet?

Of course not, since that’s the trend these days. It’s like a blast from the past, straight out of the 90s.

These fashion pieces are coming back, and I’m here for it.

There’s something effortlessly cool about throwing on an oversized blazer over a simple outfit, right? It adds a touch of sophistication and a hint of nostalgia. Plus, it’s super comfy!

I’ve been pairing them with high-waisted jeans or even over a cute dress for a chic and edgy look. It’s incredible how a simple borrowed item can elevate my style game.

So, if you have a fashionable parent or sibling with a treasure trove of 90s fashion, don’t hesitate to raid their closet. You might discover some hidden gems.


I can’t help but say that the 90s greatly influenced fashion, and that influence still rocks today! So, if you want to stand out at any 90s-themed party, check this guide, as we have covered some killer outfit ideas.

Think denim overalls, crop tops, baggy jeans, and flannel shirts. Spice it up with chokers, slap bracelets, and chunky sneakers.

The 90s were about embracing individuality, so mix and match to create your unique 90s vibe. Whether you’re going for the grunge look, the hip-hop style, or something in between, these outfit ideas will make you the life of the party.

So, grab your favorite 90s gear and get ready to groove!

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