The Fanny Pack Comeback

by Nicole in Comment — Updated September 1, 2021

Fashion fads come and go, but fanny packs never really went out of style. Okay, well, maybe for a little while.

Even though fanny packs boomed in the ’80s, they weren’t considered fashionable – only practical. That is until high-end fashion brands took notice, offering up new styles and a name slightly more sophisticated – belt bag.

The Fanny Pack Comeback 8

Finally, fanny packs were appreciated not only for their functionality but potential as a fashion accessory. Yet fashion statements only make an impression for so long if everyone’s on board. So, while fanny packs retained their appeal among active and outdoor enthusiasts, their commercialism contributed to their demise in the early ‘90s.

Unless you are a biker or skier, fanny packs have mostly been an accessory forgotten in the past. It’s such a shame that the fashion side of things is what kept fanny packs hidden from a generation of avid music festival-goers and anyone else who dreams of living a life hands-free.

Skater with fanny pack

Thankfully, fanny packs are staging an epic comeback in 2021. But no matter what, there should have never been nor should ever be any shame in the fanny pack game, and here’s why:

Fanny packs make the perfect purse

Fanny packs are excellent accessories for running errands, attending sporting events, concerts, and nights out on the town. If you’ve never tried a fanny pack, imagine for a moment what it would be like to consistently have both hands free. Imagine going out and dancing without holding a purse or having your crossbody bag flop against your hip on every beat. This is what life is like with a fanny pack.

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Fanny packs are the ultimate travel companion

Have you ever fumbled through your purse trying to access your boarding pass at the airport security check-in? Ever have to dig around in a bag for your sunglasses or hotel keys in the dark or because you couldn’t remember where you put them?

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Imagine being able to swing your purse right in front of you in a single motion. You can see everything you could need at any given moment. That said, fanny packs encourage you only to bring the necessities. This is great for someone wanting to challenge their habits of toting a large purse everywhere and only ever using their wallet or lip balm.

Fanny packs make traveling easy. Just pop them on and go! No need to worry about misplacing things and no need to rummage through endless compartments constantly.

Fanny packs make a great gift

You can’t go wrong with giving a fanny pack as a gift. Fanny packs are small, gender-neutral, and more affordable than most purses or backpacks. Plus, they come in various styles these days to make them look, well, a little bit more sleeky and a little less geeky.

The best part is you have two routes you could take should the lucky recipient of your thoughtful gift seem not so enthused. You can, A, pass it off as a gag gift and have a good laugh. Or B, remind them that even celebrities like Drake, Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift have even been photographed wearing fanny packs in the last few months.

It’s time for you and your friends to get ahead of the fanny pack trend. And not just because fanny packs are useful and practical, but because their stylish potential is just begging to be exploited…again.

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