These 4 AI-Powered Apps Find Deals On Amazon Others Missed

by Yvette in Comment — Updated February 6, 2024

Are you an Amazon shopper like me? Well, this article is for us because we can buy more while spending less using the newest secret weapons for online shoppers.

I’m talking about Artificial Intelligence—the AI that made life simpler, especially for use.

These fantastic AI-powered shopping apps are like having a super-smart buddy who knows all about the best deals on Amazon—deals that most of us usually miss. These apps are like personal shopping assistants but way cooler.

Why? That’s because generative AI and machine learning power them.

Imagine them sifting through online stores, chatting away using natural language processing to understand your needs. And then—bam!—they give you product recommendations or find similar products with better prices.

They’re all about making the online shopping experience a breeze and boosting customer satisfaction by ensuring we get fantastic deals. 

It’s like having our virtual shopping assistant who’s always on the lookout. And we need that to score the best deal and love every bit of our shopping adventure.

Before we dive into these apps, here are tips on how to online thrift shop.

Key Takeaway

  • AI-powered shopping apps use technology like natural language processing and generative AI to find the best deals and product recommendations for online shoppers.
  • These apps act as virtual shopping assistants, using machine learning to understand customer needs and preferences over time to provide a more personalized shopping experience.
  • As AI and machine learning continue to advance, it will lead to even more intelligent and customized shopping experiences that understand individual shopper behavior and streamline purchasing journeys.

1. Honey

These 4 AI-Powered Apps Find Deals On Amazon Others Missed 11


Oh, let me tell you about Honey! This cool browser extension I stumbled upon is a total game-changer for shopping online, especially on Amazon.

You see, once you add it to your browser, it finds the best coupons on over 30,000 sites. And the best part? It’s free and super easy to use.

When shopping around your favorite sites, Honey magically looks for codes and automatically hooks you with the most significant savings.

Description and New Features

Here’s the scoop on what Honey brings to the table:

  • Automatic Coupons: Honey has this knack for digging up working codes and applying the best one right when needed. This means if there’s a promo code out there that you have yet to see, Honey might find it and use it for your purchase. As a result, you can save more money that you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • Price Tracker (Droplist): A new feature of Honey, but not so new for avid users, where you can drop items you’ve got your eye on into the Droplist. And Honey keeps an eye on them, letting you know when the price drops.
  • Honey on Amazon: It’s like having a personal shopping assistant that compares sellers, checks shipping and Prime status, and even tracks prices for you.
  • Honey Gold Rewards: While you shop, you rack up Honey Gold points. Get enough, and you can trade them in for gift cards. How cool is that? This rewards program offers up to 20% cash back at over 4,500 merchants. Some may not notice these deals without honey, especially since the cashback percentage can vary significantly between stores.
  • Honey Gold Bonuses: These special offers allow users to earn more Honey Gold on their purchases. For instance, shopping at a particular store through Honey might yield a bonus amount of Gold points, which could lead to significant savings in the form of gift cards.

How It Uses AI to Find the Best Deals and Similar Items

Honey’s not just one of those technological advancements.

It uses AI and some pretty smart algorithms to hunt down those codes, compare prices, and keep tabs on price histories. This means you’re not just getting today’s best price but also in the loop if prices drop later.

Testimonials and User Reviews

Now, for the actual tea, what are people saying about Honey?

The buzz is real, with folks claiming it’s like “free money,” it saves you a ton from having to hunt down deals yourself.

I’ve heard stories from pizza night savers to luxury beauty buys, all thanks to Honey stepping in with a code or cashback offer.

Take, for example, someone shopping at Sephora who found out through Honey that, while no coupons were available; there were some pretty sweet free sample codes up for grabs.

So, wrapping this up, Honey’s like your best shopping buddy. It leverages AI to snag deals, dish out coupons, and track those prices, ensuring you get the bang for your buck.

From what I’ve seen and heard, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to save a dime without diving deep into coupon hunting. How much you save can vary, but having Honey in your corner means you’re not missing out on potential deals.

2. Blink & Shop

These 4 AI-Powered Apps Find Deals On Amazon Others Missed 13


Blink & Shop is one of the most unique AI-powered virtual shopping assistants for Amazon that’s all about making our shopping super easy.

Chatting with you can find products, compare prices, and even snag some sweet deals. It’s like having a little helper in your pocket, especially handy for shopping on mobile devices.

Description and New Features

The latest version has some nifty features, like understanding your shopping habits better over time. This means the more you chat with it, the smarter it gets about what deals you’ll love.

What’s more? Check out what it’s perfect for:

  • Finding gifts: It’s easy to pick out presents for any event, person, or budget.
  • Digging into products: Easily compare prices, specs, and reviews for laptops, TVs, and appliances.
  • Keeping the house stocked: Grab your daily essentials like groceries, cleaning supplies, and pet stuff without a hassle.
  • Exploring new finds: Stumble upon an excellent specific product and snag recommendations directly from the assistant.
  • Ordering with your voice: With its voice assistant, speak up to place your Amazon orders without lifting a finger.

How It Uses AI to Find the Best Deals and Similar Items

Using natural language processing, chats with you just like a friend would. This AI tech digs into what you’re saying to pick out precisely what you need, finding the best deals and similar products in a snap.

Say you’re after a new coffee maker but want the best deal. uses generative AI to sift through Amazon, comparing prices and finding similar items that might catch your eye. It’s all about giving you options tailored just for you, boosting the customer experience.

Testimonials and User Reviews

People are loving it! One user said, “I highly recommend this AI shopping assist for everyone.” And that’s no wonder since it’s all about those savings, although it’s pretty new in the market. It’s not just about finding any deal; it’s about finding the right deals without lifting a finger. Imagine you want to find a novel to read; talk to Blink & Shop, and it’ll tell you there’s a sale on a series you’ve been curious about.

That’s the kind of surprise that makes shopping exciting.

So yeah, is changing the game for online shoppers, especially on Amazon. It’s like having your own personal shopper tucked away in your phone, always ready to help you hook the best deals.

3. CamelCamelCamel

These 4 AI-Powered Apps Find Deals On Amazon Others Missed 15


Ever heard of CamelCamelCamel? This website keeps an eye on Amazon product prices like a hawk.

Imagine having a buddy who never sleeps, just watching those price tags and letting you know the perfect time to buy. That’s CamelCamelCamel for you!

Description and New Features

So, CamelCamelCamel is like your personal finance guardian angel for shopping on Amazon. Here are some excellent features to ensure you don’t spend without getting the best deal:

  • Price Drop & Availability Alerts: What they do is shoot an email whenever there’s a price drop that hits the number you’re looking for. Just tell me what price you’re hoping to see, and they’ll keep an eye out, letting you know with an email once it’s there.
  • Price History Charts: For every product, they’ve got these charts showing you how the price has changed over time—covering the ups, downs, and averages. They’re always pulling Amazon’s latest price and availability info to keep things fresh and accurate.
  • Amazon Product Search: Looking for something on Amazon? When you click “Amazon Products” in their menu, you’ll see a neat table with all the current Amazon, new, and used prices, plus links to price history. This is handy if you still need to set up a price watch.
  • Search Engine Extension: For the cherry on top, they’ve got The Camelizer—a nifty browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It’s easy to check out price history charts on the retailer’s page when you use it. And you can even set up price watches without leaving the site.
  • Availability: They’ve got Amazon covered in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, and the United States.
  • Wishlist Import: You can pull all the items from any public Amazon list (Wishlists or others) just by using the list’s URL. CamelCamelCamel will grab the list details and track the items you haven’t bought yet, aiming for “Amazon new price minus one.” And yep, you can still tweak these price watches as you like, finding them quickly under the “New” filter in the “Your Products” section.

How It Uses AI to Find the Best Deals and Similar Items

This is one of the best online platforms that uses AI to dig up the best deals, which is pretty neat. It’s like having a virtual assistant always looking for price drops or similar products that could save you some bucks.

All you need is to use some handy filters. They’ll stick around until you turn them off or log out. Here’s what you can tweak:

  • Status: Check if your price watch is active, has been updated, remains unchanged, or is something new you’ve added.
  • Price Type: You’ve got options to track Amazon prices, third-party new prices, and third-party used prices. Pick one, or go for all three!
  • Category: This narrows down your list based on the Amazon category your items belong to.
  • Artist: For music lovers, you can even see the artists (with their pictures!) for any music-related price watches.
  • Product Name: Every product you’re tracking can be filtered by the first letter of its name.

Your list of price watches is neatly organized into pages of 25. Plus, a checkbox next to each product lets you edit or delete several price watches simultaneously with a dropdown menu at the bottom of the list.

This AI-powered shopping assistant doesn’t just look at the price; it’s also comparing product information, ensuring you’re getting a great deal on exactly what you need.

Testimonials and User Reviews

Customer reviews about CamelCamelCamel discuss how it’s been a game changer in deciding when to buy products from Amazon at unbeatable prices. They love how simple and dependable it is.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows—some have bumped into hiccups with the price tracking not being spot on, which can be a bit of a letdown and cause a smidge of annoyance.

In a nutshell, CamelCamelCamel is a must-have feature for anyone looking to save money on Amazon. With its AI shopping app vibe, top-notch customer service, and handy search engine for all things Amazon, it’s like having your team of virtual assistants.

Whether you’re about keeping your personal finances tight or love finding awesome deals, CamelCamelCamel has your back.

4. Klarna App

These 4 AI-Powered Apps Find Deals On Amazon Others Missed 17


Another shop app that knows how personal finances are vital for us is the Klarna app for Amazon shopping. It’s like your secret weapon for flexible payments and cool perks.

Description and New Features

So, Klarna’s got this slick app that makes buying stuff on Amazon a breeze. You can grab what you want now and pay for it later.

There’s no need to fuss with your credit card and all that jazz.

Plus, the app throws in some nifty features like cashback, tracking voucher codes, and keeping you in the loop with delivery updates. It even lets you split the cost of your Amazon haul with your Klarna account.

How It Uses AI to Find the Best Deals and Similar Items

And here’s where AI comes into play. Klarna’s AI is like an assistant app buddy that learns what you like and how you shop. It’s cool because it can suggest personalized deals and recommendations.

So, we will be able to find the best deals on Amazon.

Testimonials and User Reviews

People love Klarna since it has a superb user interface that simplifies our shopping and provides flexible payment options. It’s all about making life easier in the digital world of shopping anyway.

One example is how Layla is thrilled with Klarna. She mentions how she’s a budget-conscious shopper and how Klarna rescued her when her laptop bit the dust.

With Klarna’s pay-in-4 option, she split her $1,000 purchase into manageable $250 chunks over four months. Layla’s over the moon about Klarna’s user-friendly approach that doesn’t involve daunting credit checks or intrusive income questions.

Amanda is also about Klarna—it’s become her go-to for almost every purchase. She can’t imagine life without it, she said. Her experience has been fantastic, and she’s not shy about recommending it to anyone who wants to spread their payments.

Though her review is short and sweet, it’s clear that Amanda is a big fan of Klarna’s convenience.

Then there’s this anonymous user who’s head over heels for Klarna. They’ve found it so excellent that they’re more than willing to suggest it to their friends, too. While their review is to the point, it speaks volumes about their satisfaction with Klarna.

There are more, but these latest reviews paint a picture of how Klarna is making shopping and payments a breeze, all while keeping things friendly and affordable. And, of course, those are just some of the benefits besides using it to hunt the best deals.

In a nutshell, Klarna’s app is your go-to for a smooth Amazon shopping experience with payment flexibility. The AI-powered magic helps you discover deals tailor-made for you, and it’s clear that Klarna’s got the goods to make your Amazon shopping a breeze.

ConclusionThese 4 AI-Powered Apps Find Deals On Amazon Others Missed 19

Believe it or not, these four AI-powered apps are like shopping superheroes. They’ve changed the game for online shoppers like you and me. With AI tech like natural language processing and generative AI, they’re like personal shopping assistants.

They can find deals we might have missed and recommend products that fit our tastes in an instant. And that’s what online shopping is all about, right? We love its convenience and ease compared to shopping in a physical store.

Imagine the future of AI-powered apps for online shopping and even in physical stores. We’re talking about AI shopping assistants that understand us better, offer tailored product recommendations, and make our user experiences smoother than ever.

It’s like having a shopping buddy who knows precisely what you want.

And hey, as technology advances, we’ll see even more exciting developments, especially in keeping our data privacy more secure. AI is taking us to new and exciting places in the world of online businesses and customer preferences.

And that’s by filling up our virtual shopping carts or discovering new products in our feeds.

So, here’s to these apps and the incredible ways they improve our shopping journeys. Who knows what astonishing AI-powered surprises we’ll see next year!

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