Online Shopping Tips for My Thrift Lovers

by Nicole in Comment — Updated January 21, 2021

Online Shopping Tips for My Thrift Lovers 3

You might score some cheap deals thrifting, but it doesn’t mean that the clothes are not of quality. But you already know that, and that’s why you’re a fan. How have you been holding up? Not being able to move around freely for over a year has certainly taken its toll on a lot of us. Who would have thought we’d be cooped up for the longest time waiting out a pandemic?

If you’re feeling really down, please don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you. We’re all going through this together and a listening ear can help. You could also try online therapy. Many people are finding help from therapists online as they navigate this unfamiliar terrain we have to deal with. Here is a link that talks more about this: See for more information. 

So, what has been going on with your thrift shopping? Have you moved online yet? You can get some of the best items just like you did, but you have to know the rules. So here some important online shopping tips you thrift lovers will find useful.

Know Your Brand Measurements

If you’re about to click a great thrift bargain on a brand, you already have, use the same measurements. Sizing will often differ based on age and brand, so if you already have a wear from that, use it. It could save you the frustration of future bad tailor adjustments.

Favorite Some Online Shops

Getting used to a couple of online stores and then knowing how best to navigate them will be to your advantage. It’ll be just like all those times you’ve spent cultivating an expert eye for thrift. Places like Facebook Marketplace offer you an option with less shipping costs so you can use that alongside too.

Online Shopping Tips for My Thrift Lovers

Have A Budget

If you’re going to try out an auction site, have a budget. You don’t want to find yourself caught up in the thrill of bidding. You could end up spending more than you intended to.

Be Flexible

You don’t have to shop only known brands for your online thrift. If a piece of thrift also needs a little bit of work done like a stitch here and there, consider it. Don’t just write off the listings that are without HD photos, too.

Online Shopping Tips for My Thrift Lovers

Invest Your Time

To find those great thrifts will take more than a look at just the first page. Save keywords and come back another time to search. You could also use words like unique and unusual to enhance your experience.

Make Sure It’s Actually Thrift

If it’s a whole seller selling it, there’s a chance it’s not thrift. So, when you’re on resale sites, take a few extra moments to check. If they’re offering multiple sizes of various clothes and looking like a store, they’re not selling thrift. Words like vintage-inspired also mean it’s not second hand.

Online Shopping Tips for My Thrift Lovers

Know the Return Policy

Return policies could differ for sellers, so make sure you read and understand it properly before clicking to pay. The key is to avoid situations where you have to return too many items.

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