6 Treasures To Keep Your Eyes Out For At A Flea Market

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated January 29, 2024

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Spring is a great season for hitting the flea markets! People tend to spring clean out their attics and cellars once the dark winter months have passed. Serious sellers are gearing up for a summer season, and are eager to strike deals with customers. Even though flea markets are busy places, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. Keep your eyes out for the golden treasures that flea markets have to offer, and ignore the rest. Here’s a list to keep you on track!

1. True Vintage Jewelry

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses
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The first rule of flea market jewelry shopping is to ignore the new stuff. Some sellers make hand crafted jewelry, or import items from other countries. Though these items may be just fine, the real treasure lies in truly old pieces. Even if you doubt your antiquing knowledge, you can likely tell a piece that was crafted decades ago rather than weeks or months. If you can’t tell the exact age of a piece, talk to the dealer.

2. Leather Purses and Belts

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses
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Walk straight past the plastic, cheaply made items at the flea market and keep your eyes peeled for quality materials. When you pick up a leather item, like a purse or belt, look at the stitching and craftsmanship. Go after pieces that are made to last.

3. Silver Kitchenware

Old silver often gets over looked if is tarnished. Snag these valuable items, and polish it up when you get home.

4. Funky Furniture

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses
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Keep your eyes out for furniture in unique shapes and styles. Flea markets are full of eclectic sellers (you have to be a little bit out there to run a flea market booth for a living, right?) so you often find crazy, cool designs. Even if the surface of the furniture is in rough shape, try to think about what it might look like re-finished.

5. Thrifted Tee Shirts

If you are a vintage tee-shirt lover, you can often find great loot at flea markets. Dig through kids clothing bins until you find the tee that makes you smile.

6. Vintage Fabric

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses
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Table cloths, sheets, tea towels… you name it! Fabric is always being sold second hand, and there are so many uses for gorgeous prints. All it takes is a clever, artistic soul to put the pieces together.

If you go to a flea market without knowing what to look for, you might just feel overwhelmed. The layout of these affairs is often sprawling and confusing. Have a strategy in place so that you can find the treasures in along with all of the junk!

Walk past new, plastic, or cheaply made items and look for old things of high quality. Silver, leather, and pretty prints are good materials to look for. Keep your eyes out for these items, and you are sure to find success! What is the best thing you ever picked up at a flea market? Leave a comment below!

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