Geeky or Hipster? The Difference Between These Looks

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated October 26, 2019

What’s the difference between geeks and hipsters? Those of us who love vintage fashion should know what look we’re going for. Here’s a breakdown of the ways that these two subcultures stand apart. 

The Geek 

Geeky or Hipster? The Difference Between These Looks 5

A geek is a guy or gal who cares about what they love and enjoy more than they care about fitting in. In that way, they’re ‘outside the norm’ when it comes to society as a whole. They don’t dress to impress — they dress according to what they love and want to express.

Ever seen a guy sporting a vintage t-shirt with his favorite comic book superhero emblazoned on the front? If he’s wearing it because he simply because of the joy that character brings him, he’s a geek! A geek might wear thick glasses instead of getting eye surgery or contacts — because, why not? 

The Hipster

Geeky or Hipster? The Difference Between These Looks 7

Hipsters care about style, appearance, and social standing. They may be ‘alternative’ when it comes to cultural standards as a whole, but they fit right in when it comes down to their own subculture. A hipster might twist the tips of his mustache, or wear large designer glasses that he doesn’t even need, just for the fun of it! 

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