How To Get The Best Wedding Hashtags That You And Your Wedding Guests Will Truly Love

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated November 24, 2021

These days, wedding photographs aren’t just something you receive from your hired photographer. While that’s still a common practice, you’ll also find many wedding guests are amateur photographers in their own right, taking photos and video throughout the ceremony and wedding reception.

To keep tabs on all that media, you’ll want your guests tagging their photos using a wedding hashtag. Today, we’re going to help you create the best wedding hashtags for your exciting day!

What Is A Wedding Hashtag?

Undoubtedly, guests attending your wedding will take photos on their mobile devices. And quite a few of them will post those photos to social media. Instead of scouring the social media accounts of your friends and family after the event, you can make curating wedding photos easy by using a wedding hashtag.

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The best wedding hashtags are easy to remember and/or funny. Commonly, you’ll see puns being used, or a play on words using the couple’s names. Puns or even rhymes can make your wedding hashtag more memorable.

Sharing Your Wedding Hashtag

To get your wedding hashtag out there, you can print it on your wedding invite and print it on signs around your wedding venue. These serve as subtle (or not-so-subtle) reminders for your guests to post and tag their photos on social media channels like Instagram and Facebook.

How to Get The Best Wedding Hashtag

Now that you know you need a wedding hashtag, how do you ensure you get the best wedding hashtags for your big day? Well, you have a few options: hiring a service, using a wedding hashtag generator, or writing one yourself. Here’s what you need to get started:

Use A Professional Hashtag Writing Service: Wedding Hashers

For the best wedding hashtags, you’ll want to seek out a professional. That’s why services like Wedding Hashers exist! Their job is to make you look and sound great through the use of a personalized wedding hashtag.

How It Works

All you need to do is tell Wedding Hashers about yourselves, and they’ll get to work on creating a few custom wedding hashtags for you. Then, you can choose which one you want to use. Their wedding hashtags are often punny or romantic. They go with the mood you want to share with your guests, be it vintage or simple.

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And you don’t need months of advance notice to get your hashtag written. Wedding Hashers has a short turnaround time (just a couple days), and they’ll have a short list of some of the best hashtags their crack team of writers could come up with.

Wedding hashtags from a pro service are special because a team of writers sat down to give you the best they’ve got. Like you’ll see with your other options, this is the best way to ensure you get a quality hashtag. Plus, while the professionals get to work, you can focus on the rest of your wedding todo-list. You have more important things to focus on, like your wedding floral decor!

Benefits Of Using The Professionals

The biggest benefit of working with professionals is that you get quality hashtags. A group of writers who specialize in writing wedding hashtags are the experts. Plus, it’s a super affordable service that makes saving your time (if you planned to write one yourself) worthwhile. Lastly, hiring professionals makes it more likely that your guests will actually use the hashtag. A good hashtag is one people want to share. A generic hashtag is less likely to be tagged on posts about your wedding.

Try A Wedding Hashtag Generator

Your next option is to use a wedding hashtag generator. Wedding hashtag generators are often free to use and easy to use! They offer you generic wedding hashtags based on your names.

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How It Works

A wedding hashtag generator will ask you a simple question: what are your names?

With that information, it’ll populate a full list of generic wedding hashtags utilizing your name. So, if you are seeking an individualized wedding hashtag based on your mutual love of, let’s say, baseball? Then you won’t get that with a wedding hashtag generator.

However, there are some generators that ask for more information (like your wedding date), but again, these will be fairly generic ideas for your slogan.

But being generic isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, it’s the simple ideas that help us think of more unique hashtags. If you’re struggling to think of your own wedding hashtag, using a generator isn’t a bad way to get started.

Benefits Of Using A Hashtag Generator

The benefits of using a wedding hashtag generator are two-fold. First, it’s free. And free is good when there is no room in the budget (especially if you’re not picky). Second, if you’re rushed to get a wedding hashtag, then this will be the fastest option. The turnaround time is literally a clock of your mouse. So, if you aren’t picky or you’re in a rush, a wedding hashtag generator might be right for you.

Create Your Own Wedding Hashtag

Lastly, you can create your own wedding hashtag. If you are a creative-type who loves to flex your writing muscle, then pull up a pen. It’s time to get writing. This really is a labor of love though, so it might be easier to gather some friends over for food and drink so that you can pitch some ideas around! Whether you are tackling it alone or with friends, here are some more tips for writing your own wedding hashtags.

Tips For Creating Your Own Wedding Hashtag

  1. Our first tip is to go off the beaten path and look to your mutual hobbies and interests for inspiration. If, as a couple, you’re known for something like cooking, hitting up science museums, or watching Monday night football, use that to your advantage. Nothing says love like #TouchdownToThomas or #GeekingOutWithTheGilberts.

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  1. Second, let your friends help you! Whether you what was suggested above like having them over for dinner or crowdsourcing your hashtag on social media, friends and family are good sources of ideas. They know you better than anyone, so they might have funny memories or observations about your relationship.
  2. Look online for inspo. Although you want your wedding hashtag to be uniquely yours (and spare yourself the confusion of people confusing your wedding with another), you can look to what others are doing for ideas. We love using Pinterest to compile and curate blog posts and photos of how other couples are using hashtags to celebrate their love.

Benefits Of Creating Your Own Wedding Hashtag

Creating your own wedding hashtag has three main benefits. First, you’ll get a unique wedding hashtag for free. The only cost is your time. As long as you have the motivation to write your own hashtag, it’s a simple solution.

Second, when you write your own wedding hashtag, you’re guaranteed to have something that’s special and unique to you as a couple. You can base it off your names, shared love of a hobby, TV show, or favorite book. You have options, and if you start with enough time to spare, you can tinker with your hashtag until the last moment.

Lastly, creating a wedding hashtag of your own can be a lovely bonding experience with your spouse-to-be, friends, or family. When people create together, they grow together. We love the idea of hosting a hashtag writing party. It’s a great way to get together with friends for some quality time while actually getting something for your wedding done. Order a pizza, grab some beverages, and settle in for some fun. At the end of the day, you’ll have a hashtag everyone’s invested in because you created it together.

25 Of The Best Wedding Hashtags To Help You Choose Your Own

Not sure what kind of wedding hashtags are used? Need some inspiration? Remember, Instagram and Pinterest are your friends when it comes to finding new ideas for wedding hashtags. However, we know you’re eager to get started. Below, we’ve given you 25 of the best wedding hashtags to help you create or choose your own.

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  1. #LetsHearItForTheBoyds
  2. #SimplyTheBests
  3. #CrazyAboutCryer
  4. #ShayILoveYou
  5. #TheBreyersEst2022
  6. #Jack&Evan4Ever
  7. #HereComeTheMcBrides
  8. #TwoWongsMakeARight
  9. #OfficiallyMrAndMrsGarcia
  10. #AlwaysAnderson
  11. #WilsonPartyOf2
  12. #APairOfPorters
  13. #HePutARingOnIt
  14. #WebersInLove
  15. #TheySayIBreu
  16. #WeddingForTheWyatts
  17. #IChooChooseYou
  18. #HappilyEverlyAfter
  19. #TyingTheKnots
  20. #ForeverFernandez
  21. #WeMakeAPerfectMatcha
  22. #CantWaitToMakeItOfficial
  23. #AboutTime2023
  24. #DestinyMarriesJim2024
  25. #TeamScott

Take Your Wedding To The Next Level With The Best Wedding Hashtags

Wedding hashtags aren’t just about sharing photos on social media. It’s your couple’s slogan, it’s your motto, and it’s fun! From the engagement party through your wedding anniversaries beyond, a wedding hashtag invites others to celebrate with you through all your important milestones. So, take the time to create the perfect hashtag.

Whether you get help from the pros or you do it yourself, you are sure to “wow” your friends and family. They’ll surely love using your hashtag to share photos and sentiments of your wedding with the world.


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