How to Put a Modern Twist on your Vintage Engagement Ring

by Nicole in Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

How to Put a Modern Twist on your Vintage Engagement Ring 9

We all love the classic designs of vintage rings but we also want the quirks and features of today’s jewelry, so why not have the best of both? Today, we’re talking about how to put a modern twist on your vintage engagement ring so sit back, relax, pull out your handy-dandy notebook and jot down these reliable considerations.

Keeping vintage aesthetics in a new canvass is often known as refurbishment, but there’s more to it than plainly giving your family heirloom a modern makeover. When planning the modernization of your vintage ring, here’s a few things that you must consider!

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How to Put a Modern Twist on your Vintage Engagement Ring

Upgrading a family heirloom with a lab-grown diamond

This may sound a bit contradictory for the purpose of restoration but that doesn’t mean that it’s not something you mustn’t consider especially with gemstones that have lost their color or worse- went missing. When choosing the best gemstone for your vintage ring, nothing fits the vintage charm better a diamond, particularly lab-grown diamond! Aside from the fact that lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically and optically the same as mined ones, they are more ethical, environmentally-friendly and far more budget friendly. You wouldn’t keep something with an appalling backstory wrapped around your finger, right?

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Modern Ring Band Options

If your heirloom ring is damaged beyond usual repair, changing its ring band becomes the most practical solution. While tungsten and titanium ring bands are becoming popular among modern rings, platinum and gold ring bands are still the best option if you are going for the vintage appeal. This will not only restore your ring but also gives a fresh feel to it.

Resizing and Customization

This is a common issue when it comes to heirloom rings being used as engagement gifts as they tend to fit a bit different and ware out or get damaged over time. The best option would be to resize and restore it! And while you’re at it, why not punch in a couple customization options to have that perfect fit. A few of the possible customization options would be refitting the prongs from your rings setting, as it wears down the most. You don’t want your precious stones to fall out, do you? You can repair possible damages and worn-out areas and make your heirloom anew.

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How to keep the vintage charm of your ring the modern and more practical way

If your vintage ring is perfectly fine and all you want to do is bring its genuine shine back, cleaning your ring with a soft cloth would be the practical and most efficient approach. While some metals (like gold and silver) require a specific cleaner, most vintage rings shine pretty well after cleaning it with toothpaste. Yes! Toothpaste! Just wash it with water, apply a pea-size amount of cheap toothpaste and brush it with a soft bristle toothbrush. Rinse it after and finish with a decent soft cloth rub.

Buying a ring from a Vintage Collection

There are already established jewelers such as Clean Origin that offer a wide variety of vintage engagement rings from their vintage collection that are readily available for you to choose from. Vintage rings, like the ones from Clean Origin, have both the quirks and features of vintage and modern rings that you’ll surely love for generations!

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