How to Wear Vintage Pearl Jewelry

by Nicole in Comment — Updated January 3, 2020

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Most women out there probably have at least one or two pieces of pearl jewelry in their collection. Either inherited, bought or received as a gift, pearls are definitely among women’s favorite accessories. However, seeing how times have changed women often wonder where, how, and when they will get to wear their precious jewelry again? So, what’s to be done in this case? The key here is to be bold.

With the help of PearlsOnly’s experts, we will be sharing fashion tips for women that want to repurpose their antique pearl jewelry and turn them into vintage fashion statements. You might be surprised to hear that it’s not that difficult. In fact, styling old jewelry with casual outfits has become quite the trend nowadays. Every outfit is appropriate for pearl jewelry, you just need to know a few tricks.


Pearl jewelry is generally associated with silver or gold. Over time, these precious metals obtain a certain patina that gives pearl jewelry its vintage feel. Silver can be cleaned with baking soda and gold can be cleaned with toothpaste. Authentic pearls hold very well over time, as long as they are stored correctly, but they also require regular maintenance when used more often.

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Consider Pearl Bracelets

Even if pearl jewelry is surprisingly easy to style, you might still have issues finding the right combination for your outfit and mood. A valuable trick that will make you look more feminine while offering you a chance to wear your long-forgotten pearls is to go for pearl bracelets. Those pieces of jewelry are extremely versatile.

Certain designs even have colored pearls mixed-in together with classic white ones for a more modern look. Then there are those heavier ones that, apart from pearls, also have various metals and stones. Many antique pearl bracelets also feature silver inserts and pendants.

Another very useful trick is to combine your pearl bracelets with other bracelets of a different style. This way they will add a plus of elegance to your style while also becoming a lot more versatile, even for casual, day to day, outfits. Vintage pearl bracelets are statement pieces and should not be combined with any other bracelets.

Feminine Dresses and Vintage Pearls Are a Great Mix

Don’t be fooled by modern rules of fashion when it comes to being extra feminine. Wearing a flowy, romantic dress doesn’t automatically exclude also wearing pearl jewelry. Confidence is all that matters here! So, if you want to feel very feminine go for a dress that makes you feel this way and pull out your grandmother’s favorite pearl necklace from the box. This is still a great and timeless mix that will look incredible on every woman.

Pearl necklaces are not the only pieces of jewelry that you can add in this combination. You can also go for pearl rings, earrings, and bracelets. Anything that makes you feel the way you want and completes your look works brilliantly. Remember! Fashion is ageless and its rules apply to everyone.

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Create Unexpected Combinations!

Wearing only one piece of pearl jewelry might already seem like too much for some people. However, if you want to feel and look more feminine you can mix things up a bit. Create some unexpected combinations with your jewelry like wearing two necklaces of different types. Be careful when doing this! Don’t choose a gold necklace and pair it with a pearl one because it won’t look good! Instead, go for a silver one. Do the same with your bracelets, as we’ve previously mentioned.

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Brooches Are Your Ally

What can be more feminine than a beautiful pearl brooch that has been carefully added to an outfit? An old-fashioned accessory that still looks good today and will continue to do so for years. Pair it with your work outfit or with a fancy dress and they will work their magic.

Pearl brooches come in all shapes and sizes and they can completely transform any outfit. It’s important to know that you don’t have to wear a real, vintage pearl brooch. Nowadays there are countless brands that make vintage-looking pieces of jewelry that are not that heavy and difficult to maintain.

Elaborate Vintage Chokers with Cocktail Dresses

The elaborate pearl collar necklaces and chockers of the 20’s where truly exquisite. During that time, pearl jewelry creation was elevated to a form of art, and one-of-a-kind necklaces were being created by talented hands. The image below features a gorgeous collarbone necklace with pink baroque pearls in different shapes and sizes.

Elaborate jewelry such as this should be styled with clear-cut dresses in austere colors. Red, black, and velvet are precious colors that complement such a necklace.

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As you can see, pearl jewelry is indeed timeless and can make any woman look more feminine. The takeaway from our guide is to always make your vintage pearls the center of an outfit.

Please wearing pearl jewelry can lead to scratches, smudges and damage. if you want to enjoy your antique jewelry for a longer time it is very important to correctly maintain and store it.

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