Vintage Items to Improve Your Wardrobe

by Nicole in Comment — Updated May 11, 2021

Fashion moves forward at a rapid rate, and if you are someone who is looking to set your own style or trends, there is one simple way to do this, vintage clothing. Vintage clothing can be used to improve and style up any dress code, and there is most definitely something for everything.

Vintage items are easy to find, easy to style, usually quite inexpensive, and can be used for anything from a stylish suit, to a cocktail dress, and casual outfits. There is something that works for everything, and this list will go through the best ones.

Little Black Dress

There is a reason the Little Black Dress is regarded as one of the best pieces of fashion ever created. It is versatile, simple to wear, and any woman of any shape and size can pull it off. It is the definition of vintage and classic fashion.

The dress can also be paired up with modern items such as a style jacket or coat, and will instantly improve your wardrobe, and give you something to wear to everything from an office function, to a night out or a wedding.

Vintage Belts

Belts are often overlooked in the day to day outfits of people, but finding the right one can be the accessory that takes your look to the next level. Vintage belts especially have a certain look about them that you just can’t get with a modern belt.

The leather, the big silver or gold buckles that can be one “loud” thing that can make your subdued look a far more stylish look. Belts are also so easy to find, your mom or dad, or even grandparents probably have a few that you can try on right now.


Vintage Items to Improve Your Wardrobe 3

Bags are another underappreciated accessory, especially in mens fashion. There was a time where men would use a bag to carry their keys and wallets and whatever, nowadays, you can use them for the exact same reason, but the backdrop of a modern outfit is perfect for them.

These bags are often quite simple, usually square or rectangular, and come in a few colors, mainly black, oxblood or tan. These bags fit into any outfit, and are far more pleasing to the eye than a regular wallet or something like that.


Hats are still a very, very common accessory when it comes to multiple different styles and outfits. There are also enough of them that you are able to find one that goes with your suit, a sundress, a day out, or a night out.

Vintage Items to Improve Your Wardrobe

Most people don’t like hats because they don’t think they fit them nicely, but once again, there are so many different styles that you can definitely find one that suits you. Hats have been popular for decades, and there is a reason why that is the case, the right hat just looks so good.

Dress Coats

Dress coats are most definitely a bit more old school, something your grandfather probably wore quite regularly, but both men and women can wear and style them in a way that not only looks natural, but also very modern.

Vintage Items to Improve Your Wardrobe

Instead of wearing a regular coat, a dress coat is very different, and is weirdly stylish all on its own, once you combine it with a nice pair of jeans, or a t-shirt, you have taken something very old school and instantly modernized it. Also, some of the colors are very unique and you just can’t find modern clothes with the same shades.


Three piece suits are sometimes viewed as old fashioned, but they are far from it. Vintage three piece suits are even better as if you get lucky, you can find a vintage Hugo Boss or Versace suit, something very upmarket, but vintage, classic and most importantly, quite cheap.

Vintage blazers are the same if you don’t want the whole suit. You can style them with jeans and a t-shirt, and all of a sudden you have a comfortable and very stylish outfit you can wear to somewhere formal, and somewhere informal.

Retro T-shirts

Retro t-shirts are just cool looking. They fit a bit differently to modern clothes, they have different colors and imagery, and they have that feel of 80’s style. While they aren’t vintage in the sense of being very old, they are another cheap item that can make your outfit just that little bit different to everyone else’s.

Vintage Items to Improve Your Wardrobe

White Sneakers

White sneakers are the same as retro t-shirts, they aren’t the oldest thing on this list, but there is a reason why white sneakers have been so popular for almost 30 years. Their simplicity is their biggest selling point.

Vintage Items to Improve Your Wardrobe

White sneakers can be worn with a dress, with a suit, with shorts on a Summer’s day or with a coat and trousers in the dead of winter. They can be worn with anything, at any time, and to any event, they are the epitome of vintage and versatile.

There are many more items that can be added to this list with regards to vintage items, but these are easily some of the best ones you should be on the lookout for. They are stylish, versatile, and you are sure to find something you will fall in love with.

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