5 Ways Thrifting is Good for Your Mental Health

by Nicole in Comment — Updated May 27, 2021

Thrifting. Some people may refer to it as an addiction, while others just like to do it for fun on occasion.

Whatever your motivation, you may discover that it’s actually good for your mental health. In this post, we will give you a few reasons why this is.

It Gives You Some Peace of Mind With The Environment

We are all concerned about the planet and what we can do for it. However, many of us are unable to know where to start.

One way is through thrifting. When you buy something used, this means that the manufacturer doesn’t have to spend resources creating something new. Thrifting is the “reuse” part of the three Rs for protecting the environment (the other two being “reduce” and “recycle.”)

Having some peace of mind is good for your mental health, so thrift when you can.

5 Ways Thrifting is Good for Your Mental Health

All That Thrifting is a Good Workout

When you are thrifting, you may be running around from shop to shop, sometimes taking long walks in the process.

Thrifting can allow you to burn some calories, and it just feels good when you do so. When you work out, you release endorphins that can make your mind feel good as well.

Working out is a key part of good mental health, and while thrifting isn’t a trip to the gym, you can get some extra calories when you’re going hunting.

It’s Easier on Your Wallet

The claim that money can’t buy happiness is only half true. When you have a fuller wallet, you are less stressed over bills and other expenses. Meanwhile, if you are low on funds, you may end up stressing more than you should.

5 Ways Thrifting is Good for Your Mental Health

When you thrift, you’re saving money. You can save hundreds on furniture and clothing, and if you go to the right shops, the quality is just as good as if you bought new.

You May Be Able to Meet New People

Social interaction is an essential part of the human condition. However, it’s difficult for many to make new friends, especially nowadays.

With that said, there are still ways for you to meet new people. One way is to find a community of fellow people who also like to thrift shop with you.

5 Ways Thrifting is Good for Your Mental Health

Whether you go to local meetups or online groups, you can connect with a group of people who have the same interests. Trade tips, talk about your biggest finds, and make friends outside of that.

The Thrill of the Find

Another reason why thrifting is so good for your mental health is that when you find something incredible for a good price, it brightens your mood.

It’s not a substitute for, say, antidepressants for severe depression, but it can be a mood brightener, helping you when you are feeling down on one day.

What if you don’t find anything? It can still be fun to explore and see all the odd little items for sale. This, too, can improve your mood and allow you to feel much better as a result.

5 Ways Thrifting is Good for Your Mental Health

Diagnostics is Key

When you are having mental health issues beyond just having a bad day, seeking help is important. While thrifting can be a substitute for shopping for new items, it’s still no substitute for talking to a mental health professional.

One website you can visit is Mind Diagnostics, a website where you can take a quiz, get a diagnosis, and talk to a mental health professional near you.

For more information, please visit them and take a quiz based on a mental illness you believe you have.


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