Why The Traditional Wrist Watch is a Perfect Present for your Partner

by Nicole in Comment — Updated March 16, 2020

As another Christmas rolls around, you may be wondering what present to get for your partner. Do you go for jewelry? Clothing? What makes a great gift for a loved one at Christmas time?

We’re here to discuss the traditional wristwatch. It’s a perfect present for that special someone in your life! Here’s why.Why The Traditional Wrist Watch is a Perfect Present for your Partner 7

There are so many styles to go for

Budget doesn’t really matter because there are such a vast selection of styles. You can go for a modern and simplistic wristwatch or one that is adorned with all manner of decorations. It depends on your partner’s taste! You will always find one that matches your budget, and there are watches out there that are perfect for dressing up, and there are more casual watches too. Shop around!

You can get a watch with a story behind it

Vintage is a beautiful thing because you can acquire something that has had a whole life before coming into your possession. Maybe you have an authentic fisherman’s jumper that was used on some far-flung dock, or a military jacket that saw action on the front line. It’s fascinating!

Which is why a vintage wristwatch is such a special gift. When you bestow a vintage item onto a loved one, you’re inviting them to start their own story with the item. Maybe, in years to come, it will be passed down to your child…Why The Traditional Wrist Watch is a Perfect Present for your Partner 9

It doesn’t matter if your partner already has a watch!

Going back to our point about different styles, it really doesn’t matter if your partner already has a watch. People love to switch styles! Accessorising is always fun, so you don’t have to worry if your partner already has a bit of a collection. They’ll really appreciate the gesture, we promise!

The traditional wristwatch is more affordable than you think

As opposed to smartwatches or high-end luxury watches, vintage wristwatches are often really affordable and have plenty of life left in them. If you’re looking for a sweet and sentimental gift that won’t break the bank, the traditional wristwatch is an absolute perfect candidate.

It’s a functional present!

Gifts at Christmas are so often transitory and, within a year or two, they won’t be of much use. Think about games consoles, mobile phones or smartwatches – within a year they will probably be considered ‘old’ because a new and expensive model has been announced.

With a wristwatch, you have a functional gift that can last a lifetime. Plus, giving a gift like this at Christmas will be a much bigger deal because your partner will always remember the Christmas they received it!Why The Traditional Wrist Watch is a Perfect Present for your Partner 11

Mindful gift-giving this Christmas

One of the best advantages of vintage watches is that it’s good for the environment. As fast fashion came around and we started to fill our lives with new and unnecessary items, the popularity of vintage items has remained steadfast. People still love vintage, and most of the time it’s an environmental thing!

We hope your partner loves your Christmas gift, we’re sure they will! As you’re shopping for the perfect vintage wristwatch, have a think about how you’re going to present it. The thing about vintage is that it doesn’t always come with the original box! But never fear, you can get some beautiful (and reliably safe) watch cases from Manchester-based company the Case Farm.

Finally, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all!

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