Understanding What Vintage Clothing Are?

by Nicole in Comment — Updated December 19, 2023

If you are just new to vintage shopping, you may end up buying clothes that do not really fit you well. This is because modern sizes are different from vintage sizes. Sometimes you may end up buying clothes that are around three sizes larger than what you intend to buy. Why? The reason may be difficult to know, but somewhere in time, the sizing of clothes had really changed. Understanding What Vintage Clothing Are? 5

What are Vintage Clothes?

“Vintage clothes” are generally an umbrella name for garments that came from the previous era. Clothing, for example, that were produced prior to the 1920s were usually considered antique clothes because they are too old to be worn by someone. However, clothes that were manufactured from the 1920s up to 1998 are considered vintage. They are also referred to as “retro.” Hence, if you are buying a dress whose style belongs to the said era, then you are really buying a retro dress.

Where to Buy Other Vintage Clothing?

As time moves towards the future, original retro clothing also become scarcer than ever, making it more difficult for you to buy these clothes. But there’s a big chance that you can still find these clothes in some charity-run clothing shops that sell secondhand clothing. You may also find them in car boot sales, garage sales, and even in consignment shops. Additionally, some flea markets, estate sales, online auctions, and antique markets occasionally sell retro clothing. Furthermore, in Chelsea, London, for example, people there usually organize an annual event that showcases various retro clothing. Sometimes, you can also buy from organized vintage clothing fashion shops. So, if you are lucky, maybe you’ll have two or more retro clothes from these venues.Understanding What Vintage Clothing Are? 7

Why is Vintage Clothing Still Popular?

New enthusiasm for vintage clothing is mostly inspired by regular fashion shows that showcase these types of clothes. Well-known models and designers, for example, sometimes showcase vintage clothes on fashion shows. Moreover, famous movie actors and actresses like Julia Roberts and Renée Zellweger occasionally wear vintage clothing in their movies. Their fans, however, would go gaga trying to salvage some retro-styled clothes just to imitate their movie idols. In turn, this would sometimes start a new craze for vintage clothing.

There are designers who also create vintage-inspired clothes. Unlike the original retro clothes, however, these clothes come in various colors, designs, and fabrics which are different from the original fabrics. They are also cheaper than the original retro fabrics. So, if you really like to buy retro clothing, you can opt for these vintage reproductions as good alternatives to the original ones.

Where to Buy Vintage-looking Cycling Jerseys?

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