7 Unique Wedding Ring Ideas

by Nicole in Comment — Updated June 15, 2021

Finding the right ring for your wedding is one of the many essential things you have to do as a couple. The best kind of ring to go for is one that fits your sense of style and is unique. From glitzy to elegant and discrete in design, there is a wide range of unique rings that you can choose from.

Colorful Rings

Most traditional rings feature a diamond that is white or colorless. If you prefer a bit more color where your ring is concerned, why not go for a wedding ring with a colored diamond. Colors you could pick other than the classic white are orange, red, green, and blue. It’s a simple way to distinguish your ring from other and more traditional rings out there. For example you can get a unique ring from Heart in Diamond which I absolutely love. Here is a great article that could help guide your ring choices.

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Rings with Contrasting Thickness

If your ring has a large diamond, going for a wedding ring with a thick band could distort the design. It could even end up making the diamond on your ring look smaller. You can make your wedding ring stand out by going for a wedding ring with smaller stones on the band. It’s a great way to also take your ring’s bling factor up by a notch.

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Double Vision Rings

Did you know that you can have more than one wedding band on either side of your engagement ring? If you love symmetry and design, this might the perfect way for you to go unique when it comes to your wedding ring. It will add impact to your ring and still keep your gorgeous engagement ring as the center of the attention. It could even help create the illusion that the gem on your engagement ring is bigger. If the diamond on your engagement ring is enormous, you could go for curved bands for an even more unique look.

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Vintage Rings

Vintage and antique are getting more and more popular when it comes to wedding rings right now. And for good reasons too. The lovely filigree details and other embellishments make a unique ring that you won’t find anywhere else. You could go for a ring with a small and subtle element of embellishment like a leaf pattern. The result is always gorgeous to look at.

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Mixed Metal Rings

Wedding ring styles that are mixed metal are unique and also popular among couples. You’ll find it in the current trends when it comes to wedding rings right now. If you love two kinds of metal where your ring is concerned and can’t seem to make up your mind, why not go for both? That way, you’d have killed two birds with one stone. You’ll get a unique wedding ring design, and it’ll be incorporating two metals that you love. There are even tri-color designs for wedding rings!

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Rings That Create Movement

A lot of wedding rings come with plain and unembellished metal bands that usually match the engagement ring’s band. For a unique wedding ring, you’re going to have to do more than that. You could have a ring with a wavy, curvy, or even diagonal design. Think of something entertaining. If you’re worried that it won’t pair well with your engagement ring, you could just wear it on another finger. What do you think?

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Rings with Special Features

Instead of going for a wedding ring with the band shaped, like all other wedding bands, how about choosing something truly unique. Like a band with a swirl design? It’s a great way to show that you’re one-of-a-kind. You could also incorporate multiple styles in your ring by going for a stacked ring.

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