20 Facebook Groups That Will Help you Age and Price Your Vintage / Antique Stuff

by Nicole in Comment — Updated October 6, 2023

Lately, I’ve been receiving numerous emails and Facebook messages from people seeking help in appraising their vintage items. If you’re looking for assistance (which is a paid service), please don’t hesitate to send a message through my vintage appraisal page. While I’d love to help everyone for free, my schedule is quite packed. As many of you may already know, identifying, authenticating, and pricing vintage and antiques can be a meticulous and time-consuming process.

If you have an item that you’d like a second opinion on but don’t want to pay for an appraisal, there’s a fantastic alternative you might appreciate – exploring Vintage Facebook Groups! Additionally, if you’re considering selling your vintage items, platforms like Poshmark or other similar apps can be great options to consider.

If you love vintage items and antiques and would like to get more connected to resources that will help you find, date, price and sell your treasures, you might want to look into joining some Facebook groups. Enthusiasts from around the world have come together in these groups to share cool finds, tips, answer questions, and even create platforms to buy and sell items. I compiled a list of 20 Facebook groups that I think would be a great help if you’re looking to age and price your vintage/antique stuff.

20 Facebook Groups That Will Help you Age and Price Your Vintage / Antique Stuff


The first ten sets of groups are great for helping members find and sell vintage items. The second section of 10 focuses in on how to identify, date, and price specific antique pieces. Enjoy the list!

1. Camp Ebay

Camp Ebay is a Facebook group designed to help people who want to make money selling on eBay or other online selling avenues. Group members of all levels of experience are encouraged to share advice and solutions as well as receive guidance as you navigate the world of online sales.

2. Thrifting Atlanta

Thrifting Atlanta is a great source for those who want to become better at finding deals in thrift, consignment, and vintage stores. This group connects a wide variety of thrift lovers, resale business owners, and thrifty fashion bloggers.

3. Treasure Hunting

The Treasure Hunting Facebook group answers questions about how to find treasures at yard sales, estate sales, thrift shops, and retail stores. Members also share advice about how to sell these items online.

4. The Thrifting Board

The Thrifting Board, the newest group led by famous thrifter Jason T. Smith, focuses on how to acquire new goods that can be turned to sell for a profit. This group has “lifeguards” to help beginners navigate the wild world of thrifting and selling.

5. EBAY thrifters

This Facebook group has a goal to educate and encourage new sellers who are interested in learning how to make profit on online sites such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. EBAY thrifters welcomes all online entrepreneurs.

6. Vintage Thrift Shop!

The Vintage Thrift Shop! Facebook group is a great resource for vintage lovers. The purpose of the page is to bring together people interested in buying, selling, and simply enjoying antiques, vintage finds, and collectibles. Members share ideas and create a marketplace for all things vintage.

7. Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop

Ooh La La! Vintage Swap and Sell Shop is a Facebook group that has created an excellent platform for selling, trading, or exchanging vintage clothing, housewares, and cars without any upfront costs.

8. Gone Thrifting

This group combines thrifting with diy. Gone Thrifting is a wonderful place to post your vintage and second-hand deals as well as share diy ideas of what to do with great thrift finds.

9. The Thrifting Lounge

The Thrifting Lounge offers a forum for members to chat about selling through online platforms as well as general “thrifting and scavenging”. The laid back attitude of this group is inviting to both newbies and experts alike.

10. Thrifting with the Girls

Thrifting with the Girls is another great Facebook group for sharing awesome thrift finds and diy projects. You can ask questions about any unique items you’ve found while out treasure hunting.

These next 10 Facebook groups focus more on niche areas of vintage and antiques. These can be quite helpful for specific items you have that you need help identifying or pricing.

11. Vintage Patterns Bazaar

Vintage Patterns Bazaar is a unique group created for the sole purpose of buying and selling vintage patterns and sewing texts. Only “timeless” vintage patterns made before the 90s are allowed.

12. All Things Vintage and Retro

If you are looking for a general vintage and retro hub, the All Things Vintage and Retro group may be perfect for you. This group is for sharing pictures and thoughts about vintage items and is a great place to learn about what’s out there.

13. Antique Typewriter Collectors

This group is designed for antique typewriter enthusiasts of all ages. Antique Typewriter Collectors offers a safe platform to discuss and share information about these vintage collectibles.

14. Antique Tools Buy, Sell & Trade

Antique Tools Buy, Sell & Trade is an excellent resource for those wanting to get into vintage tools. The group offers two post types: “Sell Something” and “Start Discussion”. Both of which will help you identify and price any antique tools you may find while treasure hunting.

15. Antiques Identified

The name says it all. Antiques Identified is a Facebook group made to help identify and price antiques. This page is the second best option to having your antiques identified and valued by a professional and is a must for those looking to get more serious about finding and selling antiques.

16. Antique Radios

Antique Radios is another specified group created for those who love and appreciate old radios from 1920-1970. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience about radio collections, purchases, history, repairs, and questions.

17. Antiques Appraisal

Brian Dilley, the admin of Antiques Appraisal, is a N.E.A.A. certified antiques appraiser and writer (ranked #9 in the country). What a wonderful resource for those looking to get values for their antique finds and get their questions answered from a professional.

18. Antique Sewing Machines

The Antique Sewing Machines group is a great place to find out more information about old sewing machines. This page is filled with advice and information about this niche group of antiques.

19. Antique Lovers Forum

The Antique Lovers Forum is a unique group in that it brings together members across the world to discuss and appreciate art, antiques, and history. The international collection of knowledge in this group is indispensable for someone looking to find the identity of and information about a rare item.

20. Antique Phonograph Enthusiasts

Here is another niche group designed specifically for phonograph lovers. The Antique Phonograph Enthusiasts group is for fans of the acoustic lo-fi discs and cylinders as well as the performers from the “crank-up” era. Members are encouraged to post photos, events, memories, ideas, information, and questions.

What do you think of our list? Do any of these groups stand out to you? We know this is only a snippet of the amazing vintage and antique Facebook groups available to thrifting, vintage, and antique enthusiasts. These groups have the potential to be great resources for those wanting to get serious about vintage items and antiques. If you have any favorite Facebook groups that would be a good addition to this list, we’d love to hear your suggestions.

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