Vintage Bachelorette Party Ideas

by Nicole in Comment — Updated December 8, 2023

Getting married constitutes a monumental time in our lives, so why not celebrate the occasion? Bachelorette parties are quickly becoming the norm because it helps you ‘let loose’ before your big day. If you’re a bride thinking about planning a bachelorette party, or you want to give some ideas to your maid of honor, consider these amazingly classic vintage options.Vintage Bachelorette Party Ideas 3

16th Century Masquerade: Ball and Carnival

You can make your night fun and mysterious by wearing sexy jeweled masks! In the 16th century, masquerade balls were all the rage. During that time, masquerade balls were the ending dance after a carnival where people danced, played games, and drank. If there’s a traveling carnival nearby, you could arrive in costume, or you could stay home and play your own party games, consider Masquerade Ball and Carnival themed murder mystery game to add an extra layer of excitement. Bonus points for anyone who comes wearing a gown!

Depending on your location, it can be difficult to find party favors for a masquerade. I would recommend scheduling your bachelorette party near New Orleans Mardis Gras so you can find fun decorations and clothing.

1920s Gatsby Theme: Casino Night

The 1920s, or the roaring 20s, was a time of social prominence for a large portion of Americans. It was also a time of extravagant flappers’ dresses, cute short hairstyles, and incredible music. You can take your maid of honor and guests to a casino or host a get-together at your home. Poker sets, a few decks of cards, and a roulette table are pretty cost-effective. Or, you can hook your television up and play at an online casino live.

Vintage Bachelorette Party Ideas

Keep the theme gold and black, the dresses short and straight, and don’t forget to wear your headbands! You can also offer your guests fun prizes for winning, like a Bachelorette Party deck of cards, champaign, or chic wine glasses.

Budget-Friendly Tips: To ensure the party doesn’t break the bank, consider DIY decorations and costume alternatives. You can easily craft masks and decor items, and guests can find affordable costume options at thrift stores or online shops. This way, you can enjoy the glamour of the 1920s without overspending.

1940s Classic Theme: Piano Bar and Wine Tasting

Jazz was still in full swing during the 1940s, but piano bars were more popular due to the quiet solum the 1940s had during the war. This doesn’t mean fun wasn’t had in the 40s, as wine tasting and public train rides in the countryside were spectacular ways to spend your time. There is also an incredible classiness of sipping wine at home before getting all dressed up to listen to some incredible piano music.

Vintage Bachelorette Party Ideas

Many piano bars have great bachelorette party packages because of their popularity. Many piano bars will have a full wine list as well, so you can start the party outside of the house instead. Red lipstick pens and wine glasses will make perfect party gifts.

Entertainment Ideas: To elevate the evening, consider hiring a live pianist to serenade your guests or set up a karaoke machine with classic jazz and wartime tunes. This will add an extra touch of authenticity to your 1940s-themed soirée.

1950s Housewife Bridal Shower: Cooking Party

There’s no reason you need to do anything outside of the house if that isn’t your thing. If you want to spend a night in with your girlfriends cooking, talking, and enjoying each other’s company in a quiet environment, try a 1950s housewife themed bridal shower. In the 1940s and 1950s, it was common for brides-to-be to have a relaxing evening making cupcakes, cakes, and delicious food. Children are often included in these parties, so give them crayons and a coloring book.

To make it as vintage as possible, ask your guests to wear a 50s inspired dress along with make-up and hair to complete the look. Use vintage cookware, polka-dot cupcake cups, and cans of classic Coke to feed your guests.

Photography and Keepsakes: Set up a DIY photo booth with retro props like aprons, chef hats, and colorful utensils for your guests to enjoy. This way, you can capture candid moments and provide everyone with memorable keepsakes from the evening.

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