The most common vintage dress styles

by Nicole in Comment — Updated June 11, 2021
The most common vintage dress styles 5
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Whether you’re keen to have a vintage-themed wedding or simply adore wearing vintage clothing on a daily basis, it is a style that is hugely popular all around the world. One of the most common types of vintage clothing people like to snap up is dresses.

Thanks to the rise of online retail and a number of specialist shops located all over the country and abroad, the public has more access to vintage styles than ever before. Dresses have been the go-to vintage option for women over the years, especially when it comes to a big occasion. These types of dresses can be found online, too. Alongside using our smartphone devices to order in lunch, watch Netflix or play Cat Queen online slots, there are a variety of apps and online e-commerce stores people utilize to discover a vintage gem or two. All it takes is a tap on a smartphone, and a vintage dress can arrive at your door in days.

The variety of vintage dress styles on offer is wide also. In order to make sure that you purchase the ideal vintage dress style for you, here is a look at some of the most common options people tend to go for in 2021.

The mini dress

After emerging in the early 1960s, the mini dress took the world by storm and was a commonly snapped up product for women. British fashion designer and fashion icon Mary Quant made a name for herself thanks to her Chelsea look mini dresses and paved the way for other designers to follow her lead and essentially try and do better. As a result, the mini dress style is still going strong today. Celebrities like Twiggy also made the style seem cool and hip, enabling it to appeal to a wider audience in the process. Modern versions of the mini dress are still thriving too, with the satin slip dress being a favorite for many.

The A-line vintage dress

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Another favorite for women at the moment, the A-line vintage dress look was prominent in the 1960s and was essentially a sleeveless dress that gets wider towards the hem. A style adopted by many famous faces over the years, particularly in the 1970s, the A-line style will be around for a while longer yet. It’s incredibly common to see at summer events, in particular.

The dropped waist vintage dress

Particularly popular in the 1920s and 1930s, the dropped waist vintage dress was occasionally accompanied by a sash. Comprising of an extended bodice with a shorter, usually gathered, pleated, or godet set skirt, this type of dress style is fairly hard to locate online, but you might be able to pick one up at a vintage shop or two. A popular choice for many women at the moment is the sailor dress with sailor-style collar and ribbon trim, for example. There are plenty of options in this area, though.

The bias cut vintage dress

The go-to option for women in the 1930s, the bias cut vintage dress style represents all things Hollywood and became a common style to see at numerous red carpet events at the time. Still, a common look for women to pick today, it’s a style that champions the hips and oozes elegance. Best suited to silk and fine jersey knits, this type of style is a popular choice if you require an evening gown, some lingerie, and bridal wear.

The maxi dress

Known for skimming the floor in the 1970s, thanks to its full-length design, the maxi dress is a great option for people today. Laura Ashley was known for them, too.


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