Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles

by Nicole in Comment — Updated May 1, 2023

You found the perfect vintage pinup dress. You even have the vintage jewelry to go with it! But you look in the mirror and your hair is looking like a mess! What is a vintage gal to do?

You replicate vintage hairstyles, of course!

Whether you are short-haired, long-haired or looking for the perfect bridal hair, we are counting down ways on how you can achieve Instagram-worthy vintage hairstyles just for you!

Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

1960s Hair Flip

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 19
Source: Powder Doom

I am pretty sure you have at some point in your childhood watched a rerun or two of the hit 60s TV show Bewitched. The next retro hairstyle that we are featuring is popularized by Samantha played by Elizabeth Montgomery. This playful hairstyle suits blondes, brunettes, redheads, everyone really! You can even add a silk scarf as a headband. Powder Doom has this step-by-step tutorial.

Brigitte Bardot’s Half Updo

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 21
Source: Makeup Wearables

Here in SammyDVintage, we have a favorite mantra when it come to hair: Big hair, don’t care!

Part sex kitten, part bombshell, this voluptous hairstyle is for vintage gals who want everyone’s eyes on them. This is a fairly easy hairstyle with most of the work to be done is teasing, teasing and teasing some more! Be sure to be very gentle to not damage your hair. You can see the rest of the tutorial for this voluptous hairstyle at Makeup Wearables.

High Chignon

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 23
Source: Mimi & Taylor

Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s hairstyle in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the high chignon has been making a comeback in both high fashion and casual street style. Perfect to be paired a fancy 60s-inspired outfit, you can accessorized this vintage updo wedding hairstyle with elaborate headbands and hair chains. Mimi & Taylor has this tutorial.

Vintage Hairstyles for Short Hair

Victory Roll

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 25
Source: Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing

Want everybody to comment that you look like a Hollywood starlet circa 1940s? Then you better start reading Gertie from Blog for Better Sewing‘s take on the popular victory roll hairstyle for the era. Pair this with a spring drop-waist dress and some kitten heels, you are sure to have a day filled with compliments as you go about your business around town.

Finger Waves

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 27
Source: Style Noted

This vintage-inspired hairstyle is especially made for shorter lengths as recreating this on longer hair might result to it losing shape. Popularized by Bettie Davis and Joan Baker, us modern vintage fashionista can recreate the look with the right products and technique. Perfect for summertime, you can check out Style Noted’s tutorial.

Bettie Page Bangs

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 29
Source: Mason Jar Memories

This is the iconic 50s pinup girl hairstyle! I can imagine this on someone wearing a polka-dotted halter pinup dress, some cute red pumps and perhaps even accessorized with a red polka dot headband. Just imagining it is giving me some real trendy rockabilly vibes. Fashionista has the scoop on how to maintain this not-for-the-faint-of-heart hairstyle.

Vintage Wedding Hairstyles

The Gibson Roll

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 31
Source: Cup of Jo

This vintage wedding hairstyle is so easy that even brides can do it themselves. Armed with just a rubber band, some bobby pins and hairspray, vintage brides will just spend less than 10 minutes recreating this DIY wedding hairstyle from Cup of Jo. It is also pretty much weather-proof so you do not have to worry about it frizzing up as you dance the night away to celebrate your marriage. This plus your stunning vintage diamond engagement ring will surely make you the star of your special night!

The Beehive

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 33
Source: Felix Wong

The late and great Amy Winehouse popularized this hairstyle for the modern vintage fashionista. Coming from the page boy and bouffant hairstyles, this hairstyle was actually developed by a hair salon owner from Illinois. This is a suitable long-haired vintage wedding hairstyle because the longer the hair, the higher the beehive. A bride wearing a tea-length wedding dress will look great in this hairstyle! Beauty vlogger Hannah Johnson has a video tutorial at

Veronica Lake Waves

Vintage Beauty: All About Vintage Hairstyles 35
Source: Kristin Ess

Want to turn your limp hair into vavavoom curls on your vintage wedding? Well, you have to give The Beauty Department’s simple vintage waves tutorial a whirl. Channel your inner femme fatale ala Veronica Lake as you entertain your guests with champagne in hand with your peekaboo waves. A top-down car driving off to sunset with your partner is completely optional.

These are just some of the vintage hairstyles that you can pair up with your amazing vintage wardrobe. Let us know in the comment section below if you would be trying these hairstyles any time soon.

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