Choosing A Vintage Theme To Reflect The Period Style Of Your Home

by Nicole in , Comment — Updated November 16, 2023

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Narrowing down a specific theme for a single room makeover or the remodeling of a whole house can help you choose between the often overwhelming possibilities of finishes, fixtures and colors currently on offer. By taking your cue from the period style of your home and adding a few favorite vintage pieces to match, you can assemble an individual look that seamlessly blends together immovable fixtures and versatile vintage fittings.

A Modern Ranch With A Rustic Twist

Mangum note the importance of using specialist architects to create ranch style homes for specific locations, with traditional features reflecting the rich heritage of Texas. Without compromising on modern design and technology, the large open plan interiors and stone flagged floors of a ranch are a great setting for a traditional farmhouse style to suit your taste. For a down-to-Earth, rustic look, fill the open kitchen space with a large dining table created from reclaimed timber, and for a prettier, French style, display collections of vintage crockery on classic farmhouse dressers.Auto Draft

The Enduring Appeal Of The Sixties

The distinctive quality of the sixties style still works very well in any modern home dating from the mid 20th century to the present day, and successfully cycles back into fashion on a regular basis. Minimalist furniture lends itself well to the crisp clean and unembellished lines of modern interior walls. Adding just a couple of authentic period pieces –  a coffee table with hairpin legs or an iconic shell chair – will give a retro feel to a room, while still retaining a modern and futuristic feel. In thrift stores, look out for pop art and simple, frame less mirrors, which you can use to decorate citrus colored walls for a classic sixties feel.

Victorian Features With An Industrial Edge

Auto DraftA 19th century loft conversion with high ceilings, large open windows and bare brick walls lends itself well to an industrial style. In other Victorian properties, decorative coving, stained glass and tiled fireplaces contrast with open metal shelving and old leather wing-backed chairs to then blend into a striking Steampunk style. Walls painted in black and other muted colors provide a dramatic backdrop to highlight polished metals. As the whole style is less defined, it is easier to create your own individual look using decorative metalwork and industrial design components found at auctions or salvage yards. 

When searching for inspiration for the interior of your home, work with the immovable features that will provide the backdrop for whichever design you choose. You can then enjoy filling your home with appropriate vintage pieces to complete the look. 

While you’re opting for those higher ceilings, bear in mind that the closer to the roof of the home they are, the more easily heat is going to transfer out of the room. To prevent this from letting all of your heating escape, you’re going to have to tolerate a little modern design in the form of some attic insulation. Otherwise, your style’s going to be undermined by the fact the winters are too cold to enjoy it.

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