Tips For Creating A Cozy, Stylish Bed

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

Tips For Creating A Cozy, Stylish Bed

Are you yearning for the coziest bed possible, yet want to keep up a stylish look? Here are a few ways to create a bed that is both comfortable and wonderful to look at.

Textured Duvet

Tips For Creating A Cozy, Stylish Bed

If you have a comforter you like, all you need to do to update the look and feel of your bed is to get a duvet cover. Try a cover made with crushed velvet, a jersey knit or flannel for added warmth and and a little extra weight.

Flannel Sheets

Tips For Creating A Cozy, Stylish Bed
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Flannel sheets are low profile, and super cozy. Your bed might have a sleek outward appearance, but when you cuddle up between the sheets you will feel like a kid again! Put them in the drier for a few minutes before making the bed, and you will be delighted when you retire for the night.

Functional Pillows

Tips For Creating A Cozy, Stylish Bed
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You might already have cute throw pillows on the bed, but have you noticed how annoying it is to take them off of the bed each night, only to place them in the right positions in the morning. Instead of juggling dainty, just-for-show pillows, use pillows that can be functional. Full sized pillows can be covered with shams to create a decorative, stylish look.

Use Uniform Colors

Tips For Creating A Cozy, Stylish Bed
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A uniform color palate will give your room a simple, elegant look. Instead of using a bed spread, pillows, and blankets of contrasting colors, use uniform colors. Muted, soft colors create a calming effect, perfect for relaxing in the morning or dozing off to sleep at night.

Update the look of your bed, and your entire bedroom, by changing a few key aspects of your bed. You can create a stylish and cozy look by adding in a textured duvet, functional pillows, and soft flannel sheets. Stick to a monochrome color palate for added elegance. Please let me know how your updates turn out in the comments below!


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