DIY Hand-Painted Cowboy Boots

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated December 11, 2019
DIY Hand-Painted Cowboy Boots

These boots by Hopscotch Dandelions which is now HD West are designed and created by a talented artist by the name of Amanda Richardson. Her work is teeming with inspiring designs that can offer up ideas for creative projects of your own.

The next time you find a pair of scuffed or “just so-so” cowboy boots at the consignment shop, imagine them with a touch of paint. Isn’t that more fun? You can paint boots yourself with acrylic paints. Apply the paint in thin coats, so that it has a chance to soak into the leather. If you live in a cold or wet environment, consider applying a top coat so that the paint doesn’t crack or chip with exposure to the weather.

Hand-painted boots would look great with an artistic, boho chic outfit, or paired with cute vintage cut-offs. Are you excited to try this project yourself? Share with us in the comments below!


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