DIY Phone Charging Station with a Repurposed Breadbox

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated October 30, 2019
DIY Phone Charging Station with a Repurposed Breadbox 3

Bread boxes used to be a standard in most American kitchens. In days gone by, bread was much more of a staple in the American diet than it is today! Now that we don’t use bread boxes that often, lots of them end up in consignment shops and flea markets. They’re a fun, retro item to have around, but you don’t want to keep them out on display unless they’re functional. If you don’t actually want to keep bread inside, here’s an alternative idea: turn one into a phone charging station! Here’s how: 

Step One: Clean and resurface

Thoroughly clean the breadbox, and resurface it if you need to. If it’s wooden, this might involve sanding, staining, or painting. If it’s metal, you might want to cover it with a coat of paint. 

Step Two: Add a mid-level shelf

Cut a piece of wood to size, and fasten it to the sides of the shelf using glue or nails. You can even cover the mid-level shelf with wrapping paper, beautiful fabric, or wall paper for an extra design element.

Step Three: Cut openings in the back 

Drill holes in the back of the breadbox which you can thread chords through. Position your new charging station near an outlet for a clean, organized look! 

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