Tin Bucket Love: 5 DIY Ideas

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated January 29, 2024

Tin Bucket Love: 5 DIY Ideas 3

The right materials can really get our creative juices going! Tin buckets are perfect for crafty folks who love to make something out of nothing. While a plain old tin bucket is easy to overlook, it’s time to stop passing them by!

Collect a few the next time you’re out yard sailing or poking around Good Will. These little gems can be used for so many fun projects. Here’s a peek into some of the things you can do with some DIY know-how and a few great galvanized buckets or tubs.

Bathroom Sink

Tin Bucket Love: 5 DIY Ideas
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There is something about tin buckets that makes us think of farmhouses; collecting sap and milking cows. Bring some country charm into your modern home by turning a tin bucket into a cute bathroom sink.

Coffee Table and Storage Unit

Tin Bucket Love: 5 DIY Ideas
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Tall galvanized tubs and buckets can be used as lovely side tables. Place a round wooden topper on the bucket, and you will have the perfect surface area for drinks, books, and decor. Or, if you have a flat and wide tub, you might attach legs and leave the tub open at the top. The raised edges will help to contain the items that you place on top of your “table”. Paint the legs and tub the same color, and cover the inside with a fun fabric or paper design.

Toilet Paper Holder

Tin Bucket Love: 5 DIY Ideas
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Turn a tin bucket into a charming addition to your bathroom decor by flattening the back. Next, bend the handle so that there is a straight section in the middle, where you can hang the toilet paper. The inside of the bucket could be used for magazines or fresh flowers.


Tin Bucket Love: 5 DIY Ideas
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Another great idea for a large tin bucket or tub is to create an ottoman. Leave the top unattached, or fastened at only one side. This way, the top can be lifted and removed, and you can use the inside of the footstool as a storage place. Pop cozy blankets inside, out of sight during summer months. Then, they will be ready for use in the chilly winter!

Planters and Yard Ornaments

Tin Bucket Love: 5 DIY Ideas
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Tin buckets make great planters. You can use them inside or out in the yard. Cut small holes into the bottom of the bucket to allow water to flow in and out from the base of the bucket. You can even get creative and stack a few buckets on top of each other for a layered look! In the picture above, one bucket is holding water and candles. What a whimsical look for your next outdoor party!

In the home or yard, tin buckets can be used for many things! They can decorate and serve a purpose. The next time you see one at the flea market, don’t just walk by! Stop and consider the possibilities. Do you have other ideas for tin bucket projects? Share in the comments below!

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