DIY Vintage Lingerie

by Nicole in Comment — Updated February 28, 2023

DIY Vintage Lingerie 3
One of the challenges of making authentic vintage style clothes is the undergarments. Those type of clothes look best with underwear that’s more structured. So this is my attempt to make an inspired undergarment that looks and and fits perfectly!

DIY Vintage Lingerie

This is a full bodied girdle with hook, boning and eye clasps attached to an underwire bra and closed with a zipper. You can find some fabric at a local linen shop or if you’re like me, you can use some old curtains which I happen to find at a local thrift store. I used them for the center piece, straps and tabs. Amazon or Bed Bath and Beyond has garter grips (those little attachments that hook up to your nylons) They’re mainly used for securing bedsheets to the mattress.

Lots of hand sewing was required for the design but you can get creative! The cool think is after I was done, I decided to photograph it by replicating this awesome old pinup art! I hope you enjoy it!

DIY Vintage Lingerie
Thanks ChristineHMcConnell for sharing this with us!

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