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Valentine’s Day Vintage!

This week’s collection of sweet vintage finds is truly just that, because it’s honoring all things pink, red, pretty and sweet for a Vintage Valentine’s Day!

Giveaway sponsor Bre’s Baubles Vintage curated this week’s Shop Finds for every girl who wants a vintage treat to wear come February 14th.

It doesn’t matter our relationship status this holiday because by spreading vintage love, we are connecting with other women and gaining self-confidence (and self-love!) through those amazing relationships.

Check out the vintage pieces below and be sure to tell the sellers featured here that Sammy Davis Vintage sent you!

[etsyid=88784709:Sequins are red hot any day of the year — give your Valentine some bling!][etsyid=77620320:Break hearts in hot pink heels. They’ll hate to see you “walk away!”][etsyid=74597345:Slip dresses are a ’20s touch on trend for spring that will surely turn your Vday on, too!][etsyid=91195030:Not just for the kitchen, kitschy aprons are
sexy and sweet.][etsyid=87255963:The ’50s knew you’d want to wear this dress for Valentine’s Day 2012!!][etsyid=65751640:A great investment piece that doubles as the perfect homage to the colors of love.][etsyid=91044237:You’ll look as sweet as a cupcake in this tantalizing tulle dress!][etsyid=81629712:Edgy gloves for “holding his heart” in the palm of your hands!] [etsyid=83804522:Crystal is a mystical stone. Wear it to guide your heart to true love.][etsyid=45429067:Woo your prince in this princess dress & don’t forget the glass slippers!][etsyid=89358612:Wear a funky fascinator out for drinks with the single ladies.][etsyid=74013838:Don’t do pearls? Channel modern Tiffany’s with leather tassel earrings!]

Resort Vintage Clothing

When the seasons change from fall to winter and autumn’s cool becomes winter’s frigid revenge, those fortunate enough for a cold weather getaway pack up their bags and hit a tropical beach.

I’ll be visiting the island of Antigua this March for my retreat from the cold city of New York. Here’s a preview of what great vintage resort-inspired style I might pack!

Like what you see? Let the featured Etsy seller know that Sammy Davis Vintage sent you!

[etsyid=89826750:Red is the color of retreat: Rest, relaxation and rejuvenation!][etsyid=90591138:High-waisted bikinis are in for spring. Grab one with a bottle of suntan lotion now!][etsyid=79903546:50s cat eye sunglasses are this season’s snazzy eyewear of choice.][etsyid=90142642:Wear some boho brights with a maxi dress that doubles as a stylish swimsuit cover-up, too.][etsyid=90708047:The bigger your ethnic pendant necklace, the better your resort-inspired look!][etsyid=90736324:Brilliant hues in a Guatemalan jacket keep you warm when the sun sets.][etsyid=90855036:A chic travel dress you can stuff in your carry-on for en route wardrobe change.][etsyid=73089912:The more bedazzled the shoe, the more fun your vintage vacation will be!] [etsyid=85845934:Straw bags are hot for spring 2012. Grab these wooden handles while they last!][etsyid=85347985:Go flat but stay fun in jeweled ’60s gladiators so modern they look brand new.][etsyid=90136079:A chic overlay for dining by candlelight or en route to the hotel’s spa & sauna!][etsyid=84870432: Outfit decoration that represents good luck — and a glorious vacation!]

Little Black Dresses

Little Black Dresses make a big splash in any fashionista’s wardrobe, especially when the LBD du jour is vintage.

I styled the hot ladies of Emotistyle in many a vintage dress in my video on Little Black Dresses. Here’s my selection of Etsy’s best LBDs available for a little bit of vintage investment that gives you a great big beautiful return of fashion inspiration!

[etsyid=78874730:Fitted and flirty that can be dressed in sweet sophistication with a cropped blazer.][etsyid=81521824:Skirted-only fringe creates clean lines without looking like you’re a flapper.][etsyid=61841169:The sheer trends stands strong with lux lace and a soft front bow.][etsyid=76035928: The perfect pop of pink accents this wearable LBD for the vintage lover’s everyday.][etsyid=87630622:This bombshell LBD hugs curves and makes vintage hearts happy!][etsyid=88332214:Black doesn’t seem so formal when you’re looking pretty in polka dots!][etsyid=86721630:Give your tush a wiggle, cause here’s a dress worth checking out from behind!][etsyid=88740262:Mod up this ’50s LBD with chunky heels & solid tights in bright hues.] [etsyid=78799336:Look not-so-innocent (but definitely sweet!) in a babydoll vintage LBD.][etsyid=79726917:This sweetheart neckline draws attention to the prettiest part of you: Your smile!][etsyid=81338983:Shake & shimmy the night away in cupcake tier fringe and a ‘li bow on top!][etsyid=75052900:A little bit disco, a little bit diva: Every vintage lover needs some sequins with her LBD!]

Winter White

My video at A Little Wicked highlighted some of the store’s best winter white vintage! Here’s a sampling of my favorite winter white vintage clothing available on Etsy now. Shop below and tell the seller that Sammy Davis Vintage sent you!

[etsyid=86885106:Off-white and obviously wonderful! The perfect frock for winter festivities.][etsyid=86414498:Granny boots go-anywhere and lace up over leggings or peek below boho maxi skirts.][etsyid=88217159:Bambi called and he wants his sweater back (or at least trademark rights!)][etsyid=88751559:Buy this pearls & cream sweater for a 2-for-1 vintage score!][etsyid=63906130:Ascots + clean, crisp white = Ready-to-wear working girl!][etsyid=89039800:Black bows accent cream for a bold accent on a vintage beauty.][etsyid=85078311:I can’t get enough of Russian-style hats. They are like my security blankets!][etsyid=82858164:Victorian lace covers you up, but wills the mind to imagine what lies beneath!] [etsyid=84547622:An antique lace blouse with a story and style to tell at a great price.][etsyid=74387122:Modern & marvelous crisp white with a bit of lace made for luxe layering.][etsyid=88799490:Resembles A Little Wicked’s dress from the video: Get this while it lasts!!][etsyid=85237331:Little Red Hood might have worn white if she’d seen this cape before visiting Grandma!]

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