The Plague of Feeling Like You Never Work Hard Enough

by Sammy in 3 Comments — Updated December 10, 2019

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It’s a rare occasion when I feel like I’m working “hard enough.” 

I’m the archetype of a workaholic: I find comfort in writing to-do lists and “checking things off.” I joke with my friends that “I like to get sh*t done” and when I’m on vacation, I bring at least 3 books with the intention of reading, highlighting and analyzing them while “relaxing” on the beach.

Can you relate? If you’re a vintage seller reading this post right now, chances are you can.

According to my survey on “The Real Lives of Vintage Sellers,” small business owners in the secondhand fashion industry suffer from issues surrounding time management most, including finding time to manage the tools of social media and to learn new skills and research the resources they need to scale their business.

So beyond simply finding, mending, cleaning, photographing, listing and shipping inventory, vintage sellers are forced to be workaholics if they want to grow and ultimately, make the money they need to live a balanced, healthy and prosperous life.

We all deserve to live a balanced life – including you. The key to balance isn’t in discovering the secrets of being a “highly efficient” person or learning how to achieve the greatest ROI (return on investment) in your business.

Rather, the key is acceptance of the moment and focus on the action at hand. It’s in being compassionate with ourselves when we make a mistake. It’s listening more than speaking when we interact with those who may be present to teach us something new in our lives.

The key is letting go, and letting the natural course of life take us and our businesses where they’re supposed to go.

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I believe in following inspiration. I follow my inspiration everyday! But to manage a state of psychological well-being has increasingly topped my “to-do” list so that when addressing the other needs of my business, I have a relaxed and peaceful state of mind to organize what I need to do in a realistic and enjoyable fashion.

I’ve learned to shift myself out of this mindset of “more” in moments of workaholic-fueled anxiety using the powerful tool of affirmation writing.

So to help you realize your greatest power within and how to shift from stressful fear to patient focus in any moment, this post reveals 5 quick shifts to use when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Returning to a place of stillness in mind and body, and practicing this for enjoyable efficiency, is what these affirmations will help you to achieve.

Do you have a helpful affirmation, prayer or quote that you turn to for spiritual comfort when your mind is racing and you feel overwhelmed?

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Shift #1: I Prioritize Peace Because Peace is My Power

peace earrings from etsy

Peace Earrings on Etsy 

 “My priorities are my peace.”

We are entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs are not experts. In fact – no one is. We are all “figuring it out” as we go along. This is OK. This is healthy. This is expected.

And because we are all figuring it out, there is no formula for success in the world of entrepreneurship. There is always going to be another way, a better way and another thing to research or implement for our businesses.

When we are overwhelmed with action ideas we can become paralyzed from taking action altogether. And then guilt and insecurity blossom – and as a result we do nothing – and we are no better off than where we were before.

So whether “right” or “wrong,” may our personal and business priorities be our peace.

We deserve to rest easy, and gently, in the focus of our action. And when this action arises from stillness of plans pursued in faith, no matter the course it always leads to success. Peace is like jewellery – we must wear it everyday in order to let it’s beauty shine.

To pursue peace everyday is a priority we owe to ourselves. Because we felt good on the path and when we feel good, the path works itself out on our behalf.

Shift #2: I Give Love to Myself So That I Can Give Love to Others

give love block from etsy

“Give Love” Block on Etsy

“To love others you must love yourself … you can only give to others what you have for yourself.” – Leo Buscaglia from “Love” 

To love ourselves in order to love others is perhaps the simplest form of truth that is the easiest to forget.

We forget it because oftentimes we – and not those around us – act as our own worst enemies. And in self-imposed harshness, criticism and attacks of anxiety, we cover up the love we have within under this dark cloud of negative thinking.

To practice a voice of self-compassion is to build an account of love which we can draw upon and give freely when in the presence of others. When we feel good within our minds and our bodies, we can feel good freely giving our love away in full knowing our accounts are rapidly gaining interest as we invest more love within.

How is your personal savings account today? Are you investing in it? The goods news is: love is free – so go crazy – make your millions.

Shift #3: I Surrender to My Fears Because What I Surrender to Becomes My Power

surrender your fears bracelet from etsy

“Surrender Your Fears” Bracelet on Etsy 

 “What we surrender to becomes our power.” 

Sounds contradictory, right? Wrong. When we are attached to wants, needs, pursuits, dreams and goals in such a way that we feel reaching the is our “salvation,” we have given away our power within to a “thing” which comes and goes.

Our power is now because in dis-attaching ourselves from results of what we have surrendered to, we can rest easy, and we can have full control over our emotions- no things’ manifestation influences how we feel and how awesome our lives are.

Sure, the attainment of goals, the pursuit of a relationship or the dream of fame are natural – but in full knowing that we are on our way toward what’s right for us.

When we surrender with faith, the power of peace rises high in our hearts. 

Shift #4: I Set My Own Alarms Because the Only Clock I Race Against is My Own

vintage alarm clock from etsy

 Vintage German Alarm Clock on Etsy 

 “The only clock we race against is our own.”

We place so much pressure on ourselves to do, make, create, promote, achieve!

I am the most guilty of this, as my personal addiction to ambition is what inspired me to share this affirmation.

The only clock ticking is our own. In life we have our supporters, our coaches, our competitors, but there’s and what’s important to remember is to look at our passions like a marathon, and not a sprint.

We can accomplish our goals in a stride that keeps us in peace and joy – but we must remember that the person setting the alarm is ourself.

When we remember that it is our own doing that these alarms are set, we can rest easy knowing we can turn the alarm “off” as easy as we turned it “on.”

Shift #5: I Need Not Compare Myself to Others Because No One Was Created the Same

a million ways to be you poster on etsy

“One Million Ways to Be” Poster on Etsy 

  “Everything we’re not makes us everything we are.” 

What we are not is what allows space for the greatness we are. Because every single person on this planet was made into his or her own unique creation, there is no need for comparison. What are we comparing ourselves to if we are all different anyway?

This is why there’s no such thing as lack. Lack is something we create with our minds.

The good news? Just as quickly as we make lack appear real, we can make it disappear from our consciousness – and know that whatever it is that’s “missing” is creating space for who and what we truly are: greatness in our uniqueness.


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3 thoughts on “The Plague of Feeling Like You Never Work Hard Enough”

  1. Thank you Sammy, another great post from you. I’m sure most, if not all, vintage sellers can relate to this! Best Wishes, Lesley

    • Thank you Lesley! I believe nearly every single woman who is establishing her own business or brand can relate. And we can find comfort in realizing that similar anxieties are shared amongst us – in a way it helps me to let it go when I know I’m not “the only one.” cheers and thank you for stopping by!

  2. Beautifully done as always, Sammy!

    I think that many people need to hear these words in addition to vintage resellers. Your statement, “… the key is acceptance of the moment and focus on the action at hand.” is so simple yet profound. If we could all just do that consistently, we could experience even greater success.


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