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The 100 Best Vintage Shops Online (US & Canada)

The number one question I get from vintage lovers is:

“Where can I find the best vintage online?”

You asked for it, so I wrote it. I scoured Etsy, eBay and the World Wide Web to review and evaluate thousands of stores to bring you the top 100 for 2013.

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For the first time in one place, you can easily find the best shops for:

– Your style Taste
– Your Budget
– Your favorite Era
– Your specific Shopping Needs

What you’ll find inside:

– Beautiful photography: 400+ images of amazing vintage garments and accessories
– Interactivity: 350 links to shops, resources and social media
– Magazine quality layouts: 100 profiles of the most trusted and established shops
– Simple navigation: Clickable table of contents
– Plus: 22 expert resources for styling, fashion history, vintage shopping tips and more!

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Ranking the:

– 20 best Etsy shops
– 10 best eBay shops
– 10 best independent shops

Ranking the best shops for:

– Jewelry
– Bags
– Footwear
– Eyewear
– Hats
– Bridal
– Designer
– Style Steals
– Large Selection
– ’80s & ’90s
– Mid-Century
– Pre-’30s

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These shops have been evaluated for having the:

– Best Garment Quality
– Best Selection
– Best Customer Service
– Best Photography
– Best Social Media

Fun factoids, historical anecdotes, insider wisdom and personal stories like:

– Where Taylor Swift shops vintage
Mad Men’s go-to source for barware
– The cheapest shop on eBay with bids starting at just .99 cents
– How Chanel revolutionized jewelry in the ’20s
– The many ways vintage inspires designers today
– Why hats lost their fashion influence in the ’60s
– Who invented designer labels
– Which seller appeared on reality TV this year
– The vintage maven not afraid to land in jail for her looks
– The era that flatters any woman’s body no matter her size

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