17 Easy Ways to Thrift Your Halloween Costume This Year

by Sammy in , Comment — Updated November 2, 2019

Thrifted Costumes Made Easy!

Everyone knows that the thrift store has become a picked-over destination for fun and fresh Halloween costumes.

Which is why when you truly wait for the last minute to grab your costume, you’re left with a plastic Halloween costume (that admittedly even smells plastic) or the ninja baby outfit from the costume rack of your local Goodwill.

Which is why if you’re in dire need of a Halloween costume now, these are 17 silly and sweet ideas that are easy and cheap to grab at any thrift store. Plus for the social media kings and queens out there: Totally worth sharing on any of your digital feeds.

CLICK HERE to read 17 ways to thrift store shop your Halloween costume this year …

… I’m being #8!

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