What To Do When You Find An Item You Love — But It’s Too Expensive

by Bonnie in , Comment — Updated August 28, 2023

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses

“I love it, but I can’t afford it!” We’ve all thought this. The self help gurus advise against saying words like “I can’t”, but even if we phrase it differently (“I choose to spend my money on rent this month, rather than this gorgeous dress”) the bottom line is the same: We aren’t buying the coveted item.

Are there any other options, besides simply walking away and crying salty tears? Yes! Here are a few strategies for you to use the next time you find yourself in that “It’s just too expensive!” moment.

1. Negotiate For A Better Price

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses

The price tag on the used item you are drooling over isn’t set in stone. Try negotiating, and see how far you can get. Before you start the process, decide on the absolute maximum price you can pay, so that you know where to draw the line.

2. Leave Your Number

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses
Maklay62 / Pixabay

Jot down your name, number, and the object that you are interested in. If the seller has not sold it by the end of the weekend or season they may just give you a call!

3. Check For Similar Items Online

15 Ways You Can Own'70s Dresses
stux / Pixabay

Look at the label of the article you have fallen in love with. Take down any model information or style details that you can. Type this info into google, and see what you can find. Many times, you can find a similar item for sale online. Depending on where it is coming from the shipping could be quite pricey, so don’t forget to calculate it in when you price compare.

4. Get The Feeling In Another Way

Sometimes, you desperately want an item because of the way it will make you feel. You might think, for example, that  a designer dress will make you feel daring or sophisticated. Can you get the positive feeling in another way? How about visiting an art museum, or going out for espresso with a friend?

When you love to shop, it is important to mind your budget so that you don’t feel regret later on. The next time you find yourself putting something back on the shelf because of the price-tag, consider using one of these tips. Good luck with your savvy shopping! Tell the story of your latest great buy in the comments section below.

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