DIY Rolling Storage Containers Made With Vintage Crates

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated December 4, 2019
DIY Rolling Storage Containers Made With Vintage Crates

More storage is never a bad idea, right? Especially for those of us who love to shop! I know I have plenty of scarves, gloves, hats and sweaters that would look much better in these cute vintage boxes than strewn all around my entry way (now that I think about it, it’s probably time to declutter)!

These boxes sit low to the ground, which I like because you could easily roll them out from under a shelf or entry-way bench. When you aren’t using them, they will sit tucked safely out of the way, awaiting the winter months. You could also use these for toys, magazines or for towel storage in the bathroom!

If you have any ideas about that these would be perfect for be sure to share in the comments below. The concept is simple enough. Add pretty wheels to vintage wooden storage crates, and perhaps freshen the crate up with a touch of dark stain.

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