I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg!

by Sammy in 8 Comments — Updated February 2, 2020

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 43

Hello and happy WEDNESDAY, vintage, thrift & flea lovers!!!

I’m smiling as I write this post because I find it hilarious that yesterday I wrote about designer vintage accessories and today I’m writing about my thrift-up with Stacey Kay of Goodwill Huntingg.

My life is so fashionably ironic at times! One day I’m handling hundreds of dollars of valuable vintage jewelry, the next I’m scouring the $5.99 racks at my favorite Goodwill!

But sometimes it’s the contrasts that not only make life most interesting, but which also inspire creative collaboration between uniquely different individuals.

Goodwill Huntingg and Sammy Davis Vintage are examples of just that: Two fashion bloggers who both thrift and love vintage, but present their passion for it from different perspectives and style sensibilities.

But when a girl from the city meets up with a girl from Ohio to explore a Goodwill together, the differences neither matter nor are remembered. Rather, a shared passion for fashion is embraced, explored and entertained … all thanks to a digital relationship blossomed to an in-the-flesh meet-up thanks to the power of this crazy ‘lil World Wide Web!

Keep reading after the jump to learn more about blogger Goodwill Huntingg and the awesome time we had thrifting Goodwill — with TONS of pictures detailing our finds and time together celebrating a fresh friendship and creative connection!

I’ve met so many wonderful people thanks to the power of the Internet, and if I had it my way I’d take all of our online conversations and move them to the physical world. So when Stacey Kay reached out to let me know she was visiting New York City for two days, I prioritized a meet-up in my schedule because there was no way I would let her step foot into this city without at least an in-person hello!

Social media is a powerful tool which allows us to connect with individuals we may never have bothered to consider “potential friends” before.

Think of it this way: Everyday, we have the chance to hear the thoughts of people who are strangers. And because we may relate to those thoughts, those “strangers” become somewhat closer to us. If we’re inspired enough, we can Tweet them, Facebook them or comment on their videos, and a chance for a relationship is formed and the opportunity to share one another’s lives and perspective created.

I love that thanks to social media, I can exist in my sphere as a 25-year-old New Yorker and still communicate with people from all around the world and from different cultural and economic backgrounds. The Internet dissolves the barriers, and celebrates our differences not as a means to exist separately, but to exist in happy harmony together.

Stacey Kay, it was SO AMAZING to meet you! Here’s to future digital collaborations and thrift-ups … next stop: OHIO!

xx, SD



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 45

Meet Stacey Kay, the lovely brains & beauty behind the blog Goodwill Huntingg!

I love calling Stacey by her full name because it reminds me of my alter ego “Sammy D.” There’s just a friendly ring to “Stacey Kay,” which is the first thing which comes to mind about Goodwill Huntingg: A fashionably friendly place.

Stacey lives near Cleveland, Ohio [more specifically, near the campus of Kent University, her alma mater] but grew up in upstate New York. While visiting family with her boyfriend [meet Jason farther below!] this past week, she decided to bus into the city for some Big Apple thrifting!

I directed Stacey & Jason to my personal favorite Goodwill in my neighborhood of East Harlem, NY. I’ve featured this Goodwill numerous times on my YouTube channel thanks to its 3-floors-of-thrift-AWESOMENESS.

Stacey and I thrifted together for 2 hours and scored her some great finds. Keep on reading to see what she ended up buying — and the leather I lusted over!



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 47

Stacey Kay thrifts to re-create looks from the runway — as her tagline states, “Runway inspiration, vintage decoration.” She focuses on personal style and a personal passion for channeling high fashion looks on a secondhand budget.

She also has a great YouTube channel which I may be giving a shout out to later on Facebook — check her out for thrift hauls & more!



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 49

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 51

1 / This was literally taken within 5 minutes of meeting one another in the flesh. You know me: Life happens, and then I share it digitally! This shot went up on the fan page ASAP!

2 / Stacey’s boyfriend Jason was along for the thrift-ride. But he wasn’t just a bystander — he PARTICIPATED! Jason, do you have any friends who ALSO like to thrift? I need some blind dates!



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 53

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 55I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 57

1 / Totally Stacey, totally Grandpa-sweater-chic vintage wool sweater for $5.99!

2 / We determined this was a vintage Army-Navy jacket. I Googled the name listed on the jacket’s tag, but nothing came up directly in regards to military wear. Definitely inspired me to look into more research about vintage army/navy coats and how to identify where they came from and year of origin.

3 / The perfect mustard secretary top — with PLEATS!



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 59

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 61

1 -2 / A staple for any fashion-forward man’s thrifty wardrobe: A wool blazer jacket with plaid print lining. Mint condition by Abercrombie & Fitch — $14.99!



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 63

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 65


I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 67I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 69

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 71I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 73

1 -2 / Brown leather, especially the distressed kind like this midi-length skirt, is TOTALLY underrated. I also think that RED leather is underrated, as well.

I was attracted to this skirt not only because of its brown color, but it’s vintage wash. Note how this isn’t actually a solid brown, but has varied hues. Also, it’s a midi length skirt on me [being 5′ 9″, I get lucky] which is totally on trend for fall. I may need to invest in this skirt for Fashion Week coming up right around the corner! It was $19.99 — what do you think thrift lovers? Should I go back and get it?

3 -4 / Another interesting take on a leather skirt. This one is cut more like a “witchy, granny look.” But the fit is surprisingly sexy when worn with great heels and a tucked in, fitted top.  I love how the waist band is made from suede and accented with one simple oversize button. It stands out against the streamlined effect of the black leather.

5 -6 / Oh-my-whatta-MINI! Every girl deserves a leather mini skirt in her life … just remember that as soon as you throw on knee high black boots to match, you may get a few hoots & hollers streetside. But what girl doesn’t want a complimentary cat call every now and again? ;-)



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 75

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 77

I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 79

1 / Stacey Kay joked that she was going to experience “sticker shock” at the NYC prices. She did to some regards … unfortunately, our version of “thrift” is steeper than what she’s used to in Ohio!

2 / The grand pile! We did a price check just to confirm the grand total, which was …

3 / $28.76 with her student discount of 10% off!! Stacey Kay grabbed the Grandpa sweater & army/navy jacket seen above, plus the turquoise oversize blazer shown in her first pic and a bonus vintage ’80s black lace coverup not shown earlier. THRIFT SCORE!



I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 81I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg! 83

1 -2 / Thrifting makes a girl hungry … for SPANISH FOOD! Mexican, to be exact! I live in Spanish Harlem, NYC which is an area above 100th street and between 1st Avenue and 5th Avenue.

The streets are lined with delicious options for consumption of bonafide Spanish treats. I took Stacey and Jason to El Aguila, which is a great fast food Mexican restaurant on the corner of my street.

They’ve even been written about in New York Magazine!


8 thoughts on “I Thrifted with Goodwill Huntingg!”

  1. Girl, you look good in everything! I’d love to see more photos of your first outfit (the pic of you and Stacey)- it looks like you’re wearing a sheer overlay? I have one of those and am not sure how to sport it. I’d love your fashion advice!


  2. Hey Girl OMG what a fantastic post this is! We didn’t even SEE you snap the photos at the mexi/spanish restaurant. You were BORN to be a blogger with those incognito skills. It was such a pleasure meeting you, you are just as sweet in person as you are in your videos and on your website. Best of luck to you in everything and you NEED TO COME THRIFT IN OHIO!

    Thanks for showing us the town! The East Harlem Goodwill IS MY FAVORITE!

    Stacey Kay

  3. I loved this post. I recently started follow Stacey Kay and love her! She’s so smart and interesting. I am doing a bloggerview on her soon :) Looks like you gals have a blast, glad you posted pics. Makes me wanna thrift right now!

    http://bresbaubles.blogspot.com- come by for a visit!

  4. Hi girls well what a small world we live in here, Stacey kay my dear now i know why you could not meet me to go to the fabulous finds super thrift store, You were going to N.y. to meet Sammy Davis O.M.G. i love her Is she AWESOME or what ??? This is so crazy, I love having you all as my friends, you are all fashionably great and so sweet thanks for being you and I really mean that. miss stacey when you get back here to Ohio please hit me up . peg oxoxoxox tatmom43.

  5. You should get both the midi and mini skirt. hehe. I love them both on you. So I am torn. :)

  6. And I see headwear!! The perfect finishing touch to the midi skirt outfit. And how could you not be a friend to someone wearing a hat like Stacey’s. Looks like you had a great time.

  7. You looked that you guys had a lot of fun. It’s really great shopping at Goodwill. Check out this video- it’s related to your post. http://youtu.be/oD8ZiathS9s

  8. ok so you know that if I ever go to NY that you and I are going to have to meet up right? Shopping extravaganza! Plus, maybe hit that huge thrift outlet? Love all the leather skirts! btw: the bow on your head? Scarf or headband?

    @Glamour Glory


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