34 Tips to Thrift Store Shop Like a Pro! (Pass On to Newbies!)

by Sammy in , Comment — Updated December 18, 2019

I’m often asked how I “find the best pieces” or “why I get so lucky” when thrift store shopping.

I know I’m not the only one who receives these questions … you probably do too, you awesome thrifter you! 

I honestly believe that anyone interested in learning how to thrift can pick up the tricks fast and be a thrift pro in no time.

So to help lessen anyone’s learning curve and expedite their status from thrift shopping novice to pro thrifter, I’ve condensed my secrets into one video and 34 unique tips that you can read by clicking here! 

So whether you’re a casual thrifter or a wannabe expert, here’s your one-stop for everything you ever wanted to know about how to thrift store shop.

This list has been re-purposed from my site and is available to read, share and comment on NOW!


I suggest sharing it with newbie thrifters to get their heads in the THRIFT GAME!

What did I miss? Please comment on the post so I can add your tip to the list!

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Because you – as an amazing THRIFTER! – are more powerful, beautiful & special than you think.

xx Sammy

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