Vintage Luggage: Yes or No?

by Bonnie in Comment — Updated November 20, 2023

Vintage Luggage: Yes or No? 5

If you love to travel, vintage luggage can be tempting. It’s so charming looking — and so cheap! Why spend hundreds on a set of new luggage when you can buy a quirky old suitcase for five bucks? Here’s why — convenience, comfort, and security. Let me explain myself.

Vintage luggage — not worth it! 

Except for a few rare situations, vintage luggage is a bad idea. While aesthetically pleasing, vintage luggage often lacks the durability of modern options. These older cases might have weakened structures and materials prone to breaking or tearing, especially under contemporary travel demands.

If you’re planning to travel by plane, definitely skip vintage luggage. You can’t trust the clasps to stay closed, and chances are it won’t fit into the carry-on compartments.

Even if you’re not flying by plane, but plan to do some walking with your suitcase (like from a train station to a hotel), you’re going to want to skip vintage luggage. There’s a reason luggage has evolved in the way that it has. Long handles, wheels, and aerodynamic designs all make transport easier.

Choosing Modern Leather Luggage Instead

Despite the popularity of laptop bags over the last decade, you’re still not taken seriously in the boardroom unless you have a high quality leather briefcase. They are more structured than a laptop bag, which is good for formal occasions, and the use of leather means that they won’t look tatty after a few daily commutes in the rain. Choose one made from full-grain leather for a bag that will last a lifetime.

Vintage Luggage: Yes or No? 7
No.1 Briefcase from Von Baer

When is it a good idea?

Is there ever a time when vintage luggage is the way to go? Yes! If you are planning a trip by car, and will do very little walking with your luggage, then you can opt for an outdated suitcase. It’ll be fun and quirky, you’ll save money, and you might even get some compliments for being unique! But in all other cases, skip it, spend a little more, and arrive at your destination with your luggage (and your back!) intact. 

Embrace The New, Cherish The Old

In conclusion, while the allure of vintage luggage is undeniable, it’s crucial to prioritize practicality when traveling. After all, the demands of modern travel go beyond style. Travelers now need luggage that is both sturdy and efficient, providing secure storage for their belongings.

However, it would help if you still considered the charm of vintage pieces. These items can add a unique touch to your journey when used appropriately. Ultimately, the key is to strike a balance. Respect the past and its craftsmanship, but also embrace modern luggage innovations.

Whether you’re jet-setting across the globe or attending an important meeting, choose something that complements your journey, both in style and functionality. Remember, the best choice is one that serves your needs while allowing you to express your style.

If you do find some adorable antique suitcases that you simply can’t pass up, you might want to turn them into a nightstand! I’m dying to hear — have you ever bought vintage luggage and regretted it? Tell your story in the comments section, below!

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