Add Color To Your Kitchen With These 5 Vintage Decorations

by Bonnie in , , Comment — Updated August 26, 2023

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Don’t settle for a bland kitchen. Spice up the space with a few vintage touches here and there, which you can easily pick up from second hand stores, tag sales, or online vintage sellers. The opportunities for adding a splash of color are limitless. I’ve put together a few here to get your creative juices flowing. Remember that having a color palattes in mind is a good idea. Stick to zings of color that stick to your overall theme.

1. Tea Towel Curtains

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Tea towels have been replaced of late by the more absorbent dish towel. Though these dainty napkins are not as functional as dish towels, they are still beautiful to look at. Hang a few in the window above your sink for a pretty filter for the sunlight.

2. Vintage China… On The Wall!

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Plates can make pretty wall hangings, especially if they are printed with colorful designs. Collect six to eight plates and arrange them in well balanced way. Distribute the sizes evenly and chose colors that go well together — like blue and red, or pink and green.

3. Retro Clock

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You probably had a wall clock in the kitchen when you were growing up. Now that we all carry cell phones, wall clocks are not as mandatory. Even if it is not necessary for making the bus on time, a wall clock can still add a nice touch of color to a bland area.

4. Fruit Bowl

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Second hand shops usually have plenty of ceramics to go around. Mine the kitchenware section and look for a bright and fun fruit bowl. Don’t forget to fill it with lost of yummy, colorful fruit!

5. Display Tea Cups

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Put your tea cups out where they can be seen, instead of closing them up in a cupboard. Little hooks below cabinets provide a perfect way to display artistic cups.

How is your kitchen looking these days? Could it use a bright splash of color here and there? Note which colors would go well with your space, and then gather some friends for a shopping trip. Hopefully, you will find just the right china plates, tea towels, or other decor that will liven up your kitchen. Could your kitchen use some TLC? Let me know in the comments section below!



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